When Autumn Leaves

By: Amy S. Foster



In Avening, a tiny town on the Pacific coast, it's hard not to believe in magic.

This is a town where the shoes in the window always fit, where you can buy a love potion at the corner shop, and where the woods at the outskirts of town just might be the door to another world. And, of course, there's Autumn, Avening's beloved resident witch. From what's known of its mythical founding, Avening has always been a haven for people who are a little bit different, a place where they can come to discover what makes them so special.

When Autumn receives news that she's been promoted to a higher coven, she also learns she has to replace herself. But who in Avening is in tune enough with her own personal magic to take over the huge responsibility of town witch? Autumn has a list of thirteen women and men who just might have what it takes-but how can she get them to open their eyes to the magic in their lives?

This endlessly surprising and heart-warming debut is the story of coming to terms with the magical things we take for granted every day-our friends, our community, and, most of all, ourselves.


"This a fantastic debut full of the things I love best in a good fantast, but I especially appreciated the fully-realized, quirky characters and the big sense of wonder that spills from every page." - Charles de Lint


"Debut novelist Foster is a songwriter, and it shows in the lyrical quality of this novel...the romantic, mystical setting and appealing characters will delight readers searching for a modern-day fairy tale." - Aleksandra Walker - Booklist 


"Fans of Alice Hoffman (Practical Magic) and Joanne Harris (Chocolat) will love getting to know the residents of this cozy, charming little town. Highly recommended." - Leigh Wright, Library Journal


"When Autumn Leaves is a sweet fable of life's twists and turns which reminds us of the wonders of life and death, friendship and love, disappointment, and failure." - Rebeca Schiller - ForeWord Magazine