Can you get my music to David Foster or Michael Bublé?

Unilaterally, I say no this request no matter who is asking (even some really well known artists and songwriters!) because it’s just easier that way. You wouldn’t believe how many people ask per week. If I say no to EVERYONE then it isn’t personal. 

Can you listen and critique my own music?

Again, I get asked this A LOT. I have to say no for two reasons, the first is legal. Then second is that I have many jobs (mom, wife, author, songwriter) and adding A&R to list might kill me. I just don’t have the time. 

How do I become a writer? 

Write! As much as you can.  Make friends with other writers so you can have a support group.  Start a blog.  My route was unconventional, create your own path.. 

Will there be a sequel to When Autumn Leaves?

Probably, but I don’t know when just yet.