The many ppl who fret and holler about trans kids imo don’t REALLY know any. My son’s BFF is a trans boy.He’s 11.He… https://t.co/2roJVWS8IO
@BarackObama Read the room Barack
You’re an idiot. Your hashtags are offensive. If you really cared about mental health, you would forgo your 2nd ame… https://t.co/sNrIet0WQQ
@ChrisEvans Here are some facts Chris….Use them. Scream them. Call out @GovernorAbbott for being a hypocrite and pa… https://t.co/2HmUspv0tE
@NotATweeter16 @jk_rowling How many trans kids do you know?Really?How many come over to your house regularly?Becaus… https://t.co/nZTbq1A6DR
@jk_rowling is causing U damage and harm? WTF? Physically? Mentally? She’s not spewing hate.She’s voicing her… https://t.co/u3r6aBT1i6
@JamesMendur Nope! As a man, you do not get to tell a woman how she should advise other women in the workforce.Besi… https://t.co/GgDhtBKdU8
@Monie71793 @ErinWyma @jk_rowling Of course Ive read the Bible. I took Bible classes in junior highschool back when… https://t.co/20elO3ymTD
I dont watch this show but uuuhhh James you’re a dude. I’m not sure why you think your opinion means anything when… https://t.co/DesHzGiIAH
@ErinWyma @jk_rowling Not as sad as you believing in a Sky Daddy who can forgive pedophiles that can get to ‘heaven… https://t.co/cQowGd0ff9
Here is the problem RIGHT https://t.co/iMQTVTqUMN can’t block people in real life. Dissenting voices create the dia… https://t.co/rbZuJRlfAu
Here’s what I love. People trying to cancel @jk_rowling and she’s like NOPE! You.Can’t. Cancel. Me. She will not… https://t.co/cNvl5sFt2o
When a glorious writer dog walks someone who brought a knife to a gun fight… https://t.co/fBELZGcetk
Meanwhile the ‘after’ picture is unpainted walls, no books at all because women shouldn’t read, IKEA furniture from… https://t.co/ePPmISlC28
@janeclarejones I would love an academic take on why ‘maleness’ is protected (though pejoratively) in our lexicon w… https://t.co/YBgXzTlaxG
I thought I was pretty much dialed in but now I know that my life won’t be complete until #eventherich on… https://t.co/XipVuIJ7yo
@margotwood I FINALLY FOUND A GAME I AM SO GOOD AT I WISH THIS WAS AN OLYMPIC EVENT ⬜⬜⬜🟨⬜ ⬜⬜🟨⬜⬜ ⬜🟨⬜⬜🟨 ⬜⬜⬜🟨🟨 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
@catsiesxx Right. Totally agree but are we sure THAT guy is competing against women? Or is he just having an aquatic Ziggy Stardust moment?
@megarooh @margotwood I did figure it out AND i got the word before I got to the end of the board! Is that a thing?… https://t.co/qMLNfQVoho
@catsiesxx Wait.If this is just a dude who wants to wear an androgynous swimsuit he looks fierce as fuck and bravo.… https://t.co/RYcr3PPQIr
@margotwood How does this game work? I went to the website and it was just blank. I feel like I’m pretty good with… https://t.co/Hp4F5xXst9
Uhhh…hmmm…I love the message here but the medium IS the message. If you’ve spent your entire life equating worth wi… https://t.co/0wlmcxqYPT
@66michaelr You really cannot see the difference between simply observing your daughter and her friends and my pers… https://t.co/wtxPwfNXnJ
@66michaelr Dude…I’ve been working with doctors for years trying to understand the effects of estrogen. I don’t hav… https://t.co/4C1bXi8Io3
@66michaelr As he always has. There is literally no difference in his appearance or demeanor.Dont you find interest… https://t.co/aiwrsmobOm
@66michaelr Unless you are a doctor or scientist, your ‘facts’ are anecdotal. My facts are based on years of resear… https://t.co/hjn5YEhFxA
Please, PLEASE mansplain how transitioning works- I’m just a 48 year old woman who lost both breasts to cancer and… https://t.co/0A3nDiSnss
@JJM_1994 @HRWales1 Well, my daughter isn’t racist or homophobic. She doesn’t yell at her teachers and swearing in… https://t.co/DOp18EGVH6
@JJM_1994 If u cant get how it takes a hot second for speech memory to catch up when one minute your classmate is a… https://t.co/1xp9b7rEcG
@JJM_1994 @HRWales1 I live in Portland, Oregon. There is a culture here that is pretty unique. I don’t lie. I’m not… https://t.co/dLrYSAVTgm
@JJM_1994 @HRWales1 It’s an all girls school.The assumption is that it’s filled with girls. THINK about your statem… https://t.co/O0E18BrnuD
@JJM_1994 @HRWales1 You can see my tweet above but a Gen Z highschool is tough AF to get through because a lot of k… https://t.co/yvPrRIJrWG
@22_Gilly I don’t know how old you are- but high school- particularly a Gen Z filled high school is fraught with mi… https://t.co/NeuPcGG9Tg
@66michaelr You still didn’t answer my question…which i think proves a point in and of itself. Your tweet is the en… https://t.co/uuugSdb085
@JJM_1994 @HRWales1 Honestly…what dont you get? You’ve been at an all girls school for two years. Suddenly, a few o… https://t.co/o3Zp2pBqwf
@KatyMontgomerie Sure… but oddly…no trans girl has ever applied to this school….
@66michaelr Why would this be bullshit? I don’t understand. You think I’m lying? Or you just think I’m full of shit… https://t.co/idzprVr5Zc
They were. And that’s why i said testosterone filled https://t.co/rqVo5HxgMY
Well- if my daughter accidentally called a fellow CLASSMATE she- you know because she was in an all girls school- s… https://t.co/nI6eDDlhPh
7. Is because they were born with penises. And you cant bring big dick energy into a female only space and expect t… https://t.co/IMqqYGcL1g
6.and the end of the day, that is what ‘cis’ women want. Trans women deserve equality and safety. I’m sure their jo… https://t.co/PxBquHJfYO
5. You all because that’s how I, ME- that’s how I feel. I know its sacred. It’s sacred to me too because I feel Fir… https://t.co/Pa14yMaGMr
4. Spaces. It’s the entitlement to them that pisses us off. It’s a question of respect and honoring the journey tha… https://t.co/KslUwWyiGu
3- we got called dykes and feminazis and new age air heads. Unlike millennials and Gen Z- we know that NOT EVERY SP… https://t.co/h9ZmkJrS2o
2 and then got called bitches for it- we opted out and literally carved- with blood, sweat and tears, these female… https://t.co/n8zUL3G5Yp
1- I think the important question- the one we ask and get called bigots for doing so- is WHY we would want female o… https://t.co/Ww3ycW3Ggb
My daughter went to an all girls highschool and some girls transitioned while there.She said it was weird to be in… https://t.co/8ZCP4NzUqY
RT @tomhfh: A blanket ban is insane. Young trans girls are indistinguishable from their non-trans friends. Feels like this country is *uni…
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