FaceBook Live From NYCC

I did a Facebook live on the Harper Voyager site. I enjoyed this experience but the lighting is weird and I look like my eyeballs have been burned out and I forgot to spit out my gum...Still it's pretty darn good...

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Blog Tour- Get Free S*#T from Owl Always Be Reading

More stuff to give away PLUS the most incredible review...Thanks Alejandra!

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Give Away- Get Free S*%t!!! From A Leisure Moment

Quite a nice little review PLUS a give away till November 5th- Enter now!

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Blastr-Bringing Female Heroes To Center Stage

I'm so glad someone covered the great Women Warriors panel I did at New York City Comic Con

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The Big Idea:Amy S. Foster

This is a really cool blog post I wrote about the big idea behind my book- specifically about writing for my own daughter and how the multiverse is a metaphor for impending adulthood.

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Amy on CTV

Amy talks about The Rift Uprising on The Social

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Barnes & Noble Review Is In​

Dark Side of Being a YA Heroine

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Shoot First

And Ask Questions Later

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SFRevu Review

SFRevu review of TheRift Uprising

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Music from The Rift

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Thank God I wasn’t on this flight. I would’ve yanked this vile turd out of his seat, dragged his gross, Racist face… https://t.co/kPaCvPWxJw
@herhandsmyhands @YAIndulgences Clearly a woman who has never thought of a library as a refuge or a Librarian as a… https://t.co/3IENEsGqHU
I’ll just keep at this until the whole world catches up kay? https://t.co/Xr2Weg8XiG
And also...I like the company I’m keeping here...including you Savannah! https://t.co/mN7xd6MLt0
@ianhecht They don’t have a midnight protocol. They’ve been too brainwashed and don’t need it. I might not have wri… https://t.co/x2LuEjY3wo