The many ppl who fret and holler about trans kids imo don’t REALLY know any. My son’s BFF is a trans boy.He’s 11.He… https://t.co/2roJVWS8IO
@BarackObama Read the room Barack
You’re an idiot. Your hashtags are offensive. If you really cared about mental health, you would forgo your 2nd ame… https://t.co/sNrIet0WQQ
@ChrisEvans Here are some facts Chris….Use them. Scream them. Call out @GovernorAbbott for being a hypocrite and pa… https://t.co/2HmUspv0tE
@NotATweeter16 @jk_rowling How many trans kids do you know?Really?How many come over to your house regularly?Becaus… https://t.co/nZTbq1A6DR
@jk_rowling is causing U damage and harm? WTF? Physically? Mentally? She’s not spewing hate.She’s voicing her… https://t.co/u3r6aBT1i6
@JamesMendur Nope! As a man, you do not get to tell a woman how she should advise other women in the workforce.Besi… https://t.co/GgDhtBKdU8
@Monie71793 @ErinWyma @jk_rowling Of course Ive read the Bible. I took Bible classes in junior highschool back when… https://t.co/20elO3ymTD
I dont watch this show but uuuhhh James you’re a dude. I’m not sure why you think your opinion means anything when… https://t.co/DesHzGiIAH
@ErinWyma @jk_rowling Not as sad as you believing in a Sky Daddy who can forgive pedophiles that can get to ‘heaven… https://t.co/cQowGd0ff9
Here is the problem RIGHT https://t.co/iMQTVTqUMN can’t block people in real life. Dissenting voices create the dia… https://t.co/rbZuJRlfAu
Here’s what I love. People trying to cancel @jk_rowling and she’s like NOPE! You.Can’t. Cancel. Me. She will not… https://t.co/cNvl5sFt2o
When a glorious writer dog walks someone who brought a knife to a gun fight… https://t.co/fBELZGcetk
Meanwhile the ‘after’ picture is unpainted walls, no books at all because women shouldn’t read, IKEA furniture from… https://t.co/ePPmISlC28
@janeclarejones I would love an academic take on why ‘maleness’ is protected (though pejoratively) in our lexicon w… https://t.co/YBgXzTlaxG
I thought I was pretty much dialed in but now I know that my life won’t be complete until #eventherich on… https://t.co/XipVuIJ7yo
@margotwood I FINALLY FOUND A GAME I AM SO GOOD AT I WISH THIS WAS AN OLYMPIC EVENT ⬜⬜⬜🟨⬜ ⬜⬜🟨⬜⬜ ⬜🟨⬜⬜🟨 ⬜⬜⬜🟨🟨 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
@catsiesxx Right. Totally agree but are we sure THAT guy is competing against women? Or is he just having an aquatic Ziggy Stardust moment?
@megarooh @margotwood I did figure it out AND i got the word before I got to the end of the board! Is that a thing?… https://t.co/qMLNfQVoho
@catsiesxx Wait.If this is just a dude who wants to wear an androgynous swimsuit he looks fierce as fuck and bravo.… https://t.co/RYcr3PPQIr
@margotwood How does this game work? I went to the website and it was just blank. I feel like I’m pretty good with… https://t.co/Hp4F5xXst9
Uhhh…hmmm…I love the message here but the medium IS the message. If you’ve spent your entire life equating worth wi… https://t.co/0wlmcxqYPT
@66michaelr You really cannot see the difference between simply observing your daughter and her friends and my pers… https://t.co/wtxPwfNXnJ
@66michaelr Dude…I’ve been working with doctors for years trying to understand the effects of estrogen. I don’t hav… https://t.co/4C1bXi8Io3
@66michaelr As he always has. There is literally no difference in his appearance or demeanor.Dont you find interest… https://t.co/aiwrsmobOm
@66michaelr Unless you are a doctor or scientist, your ‘facts’ are anecdotal. My facts are based on years of resear… https://t.co/hjn5YEhFxA
Please, PLEASE mansplain how transitioning works- I’m just a 48 year old woman who lost both breasts to cancer and… https://t.co/0A3nDiSnss
@JJM_1994 @HRWales1 Well, my daughter isn’t racist or homophobic. She doesn’t yell at her teachers and swearing in… https://t.co/DOp18EGVH6
@JJM_1994 If u cant get how it takes a hot second for speech memory to catch up when one minute your classmate is a… https://t.co/1xp9b7rEcG
@JJM_1994 @HRWales1 I live in Portland, Oregon. There is a culture here that is pretty unique. I don’t lie. I’m not… https://t.co/dLrYSAVTgm
@JJM_1994 @HRWales1 It’s an all girls school.The assumption is that it’s filled with girls. THINK about your statem… https://t.co/O0E18BrnuD
@JJM_1994 @HRWales1 You can see my tweet above but a Gen Z highschool is tough AF to get through because a lot of k… https://t.co/yvPrRIJrWG
@22_Gilly I don’t know how old you are- but high school- particularly a Gen Z filled high school is fraught with mi… https://t.co/NeuPcGG9Tg
@66michaelr You still didn’t answer my question…which i think proves a point in and of itself. Your tweet is the en… https://t.co/uuugSdb085
@JJM_1994 @HRWales1 Honestly…what dont you get? You’ve been at an all girls school for two years. Suddenly, a few o… https://t.co/o3Zp2pBqwf
@KatyMontgomerie Sure… but oddly…no trans girl has ever applied to this school….
@66michaelr Why would this be bullshit? I don’t understand. You think I’m lying? Or you just think I’m full of shit… https://t.co/idzprVr5Zc
They were. And that’s why i said testosterone filled https://t.co/rqVo5HxgMY
Well- if my daughter accidentally called a fellow CLASSMATE she- you know because she was in an all girls school- s… https://t.co/nI6eDDlhPh
7. Is because they were born with penises. And you cant bring big dick energy into a female only space and expect t… https://t.co/IMqqYGcL1g
6.and the end of the day, that is what ‘cis’ women want. Trans women deserve equality and safety. I’m sure their jo… https://t.co/PxBquHJfYO
5. You all because that’s how I, ME- that’s how I feel. I know its sacred. It’s sacred to me too because I feel Fir… https://t.co/Pa14yMaGMr
4. Spaces. It’s the entitlement to them that pisses us off. It’s a question of respect and honoring the journey tha… https://t.co/KslUwWyiGu
3- we got called dykes and feminazis and new age air heads. Unlike millennials and Gen Z- we know that NOT EVERY SP… https://t.co/h9ZmkJrS2o
2 and then got called bitches for it- we opted out and literally carved- with blood, sweat and tears, these female… https://t.co/n8zUL3G5Yp
1- I think the important question- the one we ask and get called bigots for doing so- is WHY we would want female o… https://t.co/Ww3ycW3Ggb
My daughter went to an all girls highschool and some girls transitioned while there.She said it was weird to be in… https://t.co/8ZCP4NzUqY
RT @tomhfh: A blanket ban is insane. Young trans girls are indistinguishable from their non-trans friends. Feels like this country is *uni…
Chris Noth TOTALLY seems like the kind of guy who would rape a woman based on the assumption that ‘by the look of h… https://t.co/6VTdQlySJk
Rape is not about sex. It is about power. Men come into this world with the privilege of power cis women never expe… https://t.co/RzFxHyzyuo
@janeclarejones I am genuinely confused here- how is it possible to be trans non binary? Aren’t those two things mu… https://t.co/n9vS3Z9JJ3
I’m all for putting an end to micro-aggressions-I’m just not sure you can put it down to race?Like, what if you jus… https://t.co/3A3RIljtwa
@justinaireland He’s tall and damaged
Leave it to Canadians to shit all over other Canadians because they aren’t being good enough Canadians. No brand is… https://t.co/IOn7kMIWCS
If only we had a woman in a top leadership role….oh wait…right….hey @VP its time to Daenarys Targaryen up, hop on t… https://t.co/PYr6gKyM00
No one is masked. No one is social distancing. For the love of Margaret Atwood, COVID- do your thing!!! https://t.co/NpeeExJS2q
Dear @POTUS here’s how you deal with Texas. Give all federal money to Austen. Yes! In the patriarchy- money talks.… https://t.co/eKGNQDVHgV
Bro…if this a white power thing- not sure you’re really filling that brief? https://t.co/7R63DVW0Ud
There comes a time when feminism inevitably collides with religious dogma. ‘Modesty’ is a patriarchal construct tha… https://t.co/qEIbBPoWro
It would mean that women and honorable men would have to poison their oppressors, sabotage drinking water, assassin… https://t.co/CV67SUCU53
From a humanitarian perspective we should help Afghani refugees. Absolutely. From a practical and tactical perspect… https://t.co/mTTYsBRDMI
“The Government is trying to control us! Who knows what’s in that Vaccine? They probably put a tracker in it, ” Bill… https://t.co/gI1H9uSlao
So…again…science…and again…anti vaxxers-this person is on the same intellectual level as you. Comparing those of us… https://t.co/B5REAdQsIQ
We can no longer infantilize these countries. As despicable as their practices are, its up to the citizens to recla… https://t.co/21pnGrvrQC
Also- here’s a wild idea…since women are required to wear burkas (as a way to subjugate and control them) and must… https://t.co/wovRkgsgNf
We fucked up in Afghanistan. We lost too many heroes fighting a war we couldn’t win. If they want to live in the da… https://t.co/ML1v1wYoib
If I was Scarlett Johansson I would gratefully take my 20 mill+ and not draw any further attention to the fact that… https://t.co/TfZ8F7Kr5Q
@michaeljashmore I am TRULY sorry your child is sick. But i have to ask, did your doctor say this was absolutely a… https://t.co/9FjM97WVwB
How male-to-female transgender athletes are impacting women’s sports https://t.co/HSCUx554QX NOPE. NO. this is not… https://t.co/YnUzCq2T6X
@KawhiLeonard5 and i believe my tweet still applies. If no medals were on the line, if the PERCEPTION of her rep wa… https://t.co/TEJHTwlBdW
Imma about to say something unpopular. If there were no no medals and no one watching but an audience, would Simone… https://t.co/wuaOojL7HB
@michaeljashmore Since you mentioned medication- This is literally life and death. Noone wants to pay taxes but we… https://t.co/dZXUV0HWbx
Happy Birthday to me! Obviously, I’m getting the End Times as my present. https://t.co/DMiJfe4mQR
What kind of FUCKING ASSHOLE doesn’t vaccinate & then goes around w/out a mask-I’ll tell you-a selfish prick who do… https://t.co/nt5eguyilw
What they don’t know is that those ‘cruises’ are actually transport ships and the unvaccinated will be dropped off… https://t.co/PApZTm7FUP
Hire an assassin. This is murder worthy. https://t.co/JUXA6ub2YJ
Oh you mean like EVERY SINGLE PROTAGONIST IN A YA NOVEL EVER? Listen Katie, I’m sure your book is great but let’s n… https://t.co/TowcX5tWjb
@SamMaggs Samsies (notice how BOTH our names are in that word)
@SamMaggs “I dreamed a dream of time gone by… When I was young and didn’t care how long it took to see A doctor I d… https://t.co/yG3m7esnyo
PS- btw Anti Vaxers- here is your comrade! Aren’t you glad to be in the same category as this guy? I’m talking to y… https://t.co/vuYKZHY3ug
See…the thing is…kids can’t get the vaccine. If they could, my son would be safe and then I would say. “THIS IS NAT… https://t.co/at2FXFNPCO
How Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Became the Anti-vaxxer Icon of America’s Nightmares https://t.co/ejyVRkn9ck via… https://t.co/rMTarXzajF
Out a way to screw with your own universe- that makes a kind of sense. But for the love of all that is holy STOP US… https://t.co/eoic8jRHa9
Ive written and published 3 books that take place in the multiverse. Sorry @LokiOfficial a ‘timeline’ is not a vali… https://t.co/sK1VQxPKuh
@SamMaggs i now realize its called First Order but I was raised in the 80’s. Is it One Republic? I feel like that’s… https://t.co/1RFnhznJHD
When I rewatch the new Star Wars I think…why? Why would anyone join the New Order? Noone is https://t.co/LJOXIIuNuR https://t.co/wjPXOekDDS
Also if women ran all the things it would be illegal to use a filter on Social Media until the age of 35.
Also, if women ran all the things, we would put every girl on birth control. And the girls would say ‘you’re a hypo… https://t.co/FeM3Qnd7CD
if women ran all the things, we would take all the guns away and say ‘sorry you’re not getting these back until you… https://t.co/sW7DTY5nxI
The hero of the Bennifer 3.0 saga is JLo’s age. Thank you @JLo for helping to smash the glass ceiling of our ‘last fuckable day’.
Feeling entitled to play on an all girl sports team because you are trans is a left over remnant of your male privi… https://t.co/4cOO7TyHxf
This is NONSENSE. Welcome to womanhood trans girls-where you are required to make sacrifices that men will never ha… https://t.co/u0qIXF4mAO
Context- Jenner said-we need to make sure things are fair and we need to protect our girls so that sports are fair… https://t.co/ua7XzPdIOL
@BeccaBTalksTV @saramfoster @efosta Not to get too much into sibling rivalry territory here but, the petty bitch tha… https://t.co/UUWpu6Q75F
Why isn’t everyone in the world not talking about or watching @forallmankind_ ? 1. All shows are better when they… https://t.co/o4LxW8YKvb
THIS...let women lead as women- for too long female leaders have been forced to emulate men just to get a seat at t… https://t.co/xHxWWk504O
Anyone who believes it’s real blood is an actual idiot.Brilliant marketing idea but blood CLOTS. It’s why when U ge… https://t.co/q7MDIWBRgE
On International Woman’s Day, this sums up how I feel perfectly https://t.co/NZq4In26nW
My son just busted me for playing @beastieboys too loud and I was like YOUR EYEROLLS ARE TOO LOUD
Hibo is working to end FGM (female genital mutilation) and is getting attacked for her use of language- in that its… https://t.co/taCG0mfXvY
Me every day trying to prove I’m not using a filter https://t.co/ACKUCuhgix
Applicable to many, believed by few https://t.co/aTDRQYLxK0
@PaanBangtan @PhilosophyTube Her words were, trans men die waiting for breast reduction surgery that cis women get… https://t.co/Uk8O8wo1oz
@PhilosophyTube As a person who has had an actual life saving mastectomy because of breast cancer, I would kindly as… https://t.co/Dnhju8ZJUv
If you thought 2020 was finally done fucking with you, go ahead and watch #WonderWoman84
It’s pretty clear @evilfosa why Harry and I are so compatible astrologically. I would be saying the exact same thin… https://t.co/yV3AYHv4B2
Jessica Fletcher on #MurderSheWrote has more friends than any character I have ever seen on TV. Hundreds. THOUSANDS… https://t.co/sPFUy3N48N
Thank you @TeamEveMyles for making me pee pants laugh with this sonnet for the ages https://t.co/XhJytelu9i
My life right right now pretty much consists of weeping and wandering around my room going “WHY CANT IT BE LIKE THA… https://t.co/NDA8OPbKKW
Guess who else in Trump’s inner circle tested positive for Covid and is now super annoyed? https://t.co/98acRkQ2S0
RT @TheAVClub: Former reality TV host tests positive for COVID-19 https://t.co/x3Eyu02fXl
@TeamEveMyles You deserve all the praise.Lockdown moms forget praise is even a thing.Youre a bloody brilliant actre… https://t.co/brLv9yivws
After watching #keepingfaith @TeamEveMyles should win all the awards and get all the parts and the Queen should kni… https://t.co/wQucBINcHu
Hands down the best thing I’ve seen all year https://t.co/QCYNt4jwWm
Living in Portland rn is kinda like when your parents go away for the weekend and you say to your fiends “ok let’s… https://t.co/vYrVxJmlf0
Just going to leave this here- though why my sister shows up when I type in Amy Foster is beyond me....… https://t.co/XoeawL9ya8
RT @Travon: Lady Anti-BLM
@SamMaggs Why do you think i look so young? It’s the healing magic of toast.
Electric Cars, Advanced AI like algorithms, Rockets that can take off AND land, THE CHUNNEL but no one has thought… https://t.co/qeB5k7neJV
Jet Lag is basically me moving from my bed to my desk sleeping and writing with no real sense of time or space.
What is wrong with you monsters? @KylieJenner is TWENTY years old. Who in the hell is disappointed when a 20 year old doesn’t get engaged?
Also? If you are in a position to but have not personally adopted a child that would have otherwise gone into the s… https://t.co/BzNxZmGP6O
Holed up in room for past 24 hours binging #90DayFiance- haven’t showered, eyes burning, please send pizza and/or donuts 🙏🏻
So this is my mom... https://t.co/9YAVvFDCar
@VictoriaAveyard No. Sorry. No. I am #Leoproud but also a total Ravenclaw because I have taken that test 18 times V… https://t.co/dBaaBwC9wz
Ya’ll- I had a lot of feelings about THE ANIMATED Jafar.
We’ve all been there girl. https://t.co/vzAnPhJ13y
The exciting thing about being in Spin Class is that you’re getting a really great workout and also the unrelenting… https://t.co/CEJ4McVsc3
It was nice to see her looking so healthy- but I was disappointed that she put all of her problems down to weed and… https://t.co/InxUL3wqz5
this nerd says hell yeah https://t.co/wbCVadIi2o
My son is currently watching #SheraandthePrincessesofPower AND I AM TAKING ALL THE CREDIT 🗣👦🏻👸
This little rainbow was floating above DFW airport and I’m thinking it’s pretty much the gay Bat Signal giving me l… https://t.co/2Tc7emVOsN
@AlannaBennett God doesn’t give with both hands. It’s asking a lot to be one of the greatest novelists ever and a f… https://t.co/BrxOLoWebu
I am FANGRRL lifer for reals https://t.co/6G67QfKrVZ
Rando- you live in LA right? Me- nope. I live in Portland Rando- really? Why? Me- https://t.co/8Rc8WqBdqR
A Christian Rabbi? A guy who mentions Jesus and political parties in the wake of such a tragedy? This is the equiva… https://t.co/pHmd62Nots
Basically current (and forever) mood which I have passed on to middle child. sabrinanetflix #hauntedlake… https://t.co/HMB5hox5yc
When someone asks if @sabrinanetflix was actually a comic book first https://t.co/JWaZRcNHa7
Thank God I wasn’t on this flight. I would’ve yanked this vile turd out of his seat, dragged his gross, Racist face… https://t.co/kPaCvPWxJw
@herhandsmyhands @YAIndulgences Clearly a woman who has never thought of a library as a refuge or a Librarian as a… https://t.co/3IENEsGqHU
I’ll just keep at this until the whole world catches up kay? https://t.co/Xr2Weg8XiG
And also...I like the company I’m keeping here...including you Savannah! https://t.co/mN7xd6MLt0
@ianhecht They don’t have a midnight protocol. They’ve been too brainwashed and don’t need it. I might not have wri… https://t.co/x2LuEjY3wo
I’m digging on this review of The Rift Trilogy by @DenofGeekUS but again, Ryn gets dragged for being a normal girl… https://t.co/Q7faas1FeW
I am really enjoying this interview a lot. I say everything I wanted to say without too many edits which is a GIFT.… https://t.co/LaxqCTSlPs
You’re how old? 21? PERFECT https://t.co/nmCpizrVke
This is cool. Clearly I’m winning this particular pile... https://t.co/rx7Q2DBTfi
Thank You Ian- please feel free to tell the entire world how rad Ryn and I are forever. https://t.co/4vbFoQoOxX
Don’t Die!!! Just invite me to your con next year.... https://t.co/2Rm0dd4xee
Today is #NationalCommingoutDay - I’m not gay but I don’t identify as cool lol. https://t.co/fp6xCnafkt
Thank you friend. I hope you dig it. Also..lets make a tv show...cool? https://t.co/HNMW0lRlrf
And as we all know- sloths make the most fearsome warriors https://t.co/nYBK8eaYad
The gals over at Hello Giggles have always been such huge supporters of The Rift- #gratfeful. Thrilled to be includ… https://t.co/KBtU0kG3YC
@SamMaggs I ❤️u
@NancyMaggs And I can’t wait to meet you soooooon!
It’s Here! It’s Here! The Rift Coda is out TODAY! If you’ve been waiting to read the whole series then git to it...… https://t.co/SWonhtz0ia
Oooooh Andrew you’re about to go on a Rift binge. Have fun! https://t.co/wNlNZ2bACx
Pete has always been such a huge supporter of Ryn’s. Thanks Pete! Hope you like the last book (no pressure for me!) https://t.co/osUH0tjoHh
Ya’ll...I’m being ROASTED on FB because of this post. Here’s an example of some of the things people are writing to… https://t.co/kMrB845e1d
Look at the company I’m in on this list! I’m not going to say I’m lucky because I’ve been HUSTLING. Years of hard w… https://t.co/24OtCjlQCl
Rape allegations aside although #IBelieveHer THIS moron, who can’t even sound intelligent with practiced talking po… https://t.co/huQbh5FEf5
In college I used to fly back and forth from DC to London once a month and i barely noticed. Now I’m in the UK and… https://t.co/5KJnVuxhEu
@katharinemcphee You really are my favorite mom.
Research assistant at Phish concert- oh man the world is totally connected. It’s like the whole planet exists on on… https://t.co/NjVukxyeTG
@katharinemcphee Who did this?! This is amazing! You think I could get them to do the same for me with my old iPhone videos?
I. can’t. Even. A SHEro. COME ON! Immediately goes to office to start writing more badass female warriors...… https://t.co/JJa9KeQQUb
@jameelajamil I have quite a lot to say about this- and wonder how much I should say publicly? Would love some advi… https://t.co/vbe3Y96Za3
@jameelajamil I get now that u were making a statement about that entire ‘brand’ of celebrity culture. I was addres… https://t.co/m6ctQ2OkeU
Yes. Yes. Yes. The problem here though @jameelajamil is that you are using critical thinking- these girls simply do… https://t.co/2eTr2q8JBU
LOOKING FOR HELP CROWDSOURCING- PLEASE RT-hey twitterverse- I’m looking for a FICTIONAL book where the main theme i… https://t.co/LyAB9s4s4E
Yayyy TELL EVERY HUMAN YOU KNOW!!! 🙏🏻☺️ https://t.co/kzuziYuxf8
I remember watching the Mad Men pilot years ago and thinking wow, things were so bad for women back then. I’m rewatc… https://t.co/f8r1368UAX
RT @katharinemcphee: Read this article about this cool chick @AmyFosterHere I know. https://t.co/8GGKOJOH4K
@katharinemcphee 😘
@RealRemyMa saw #CrazyRichAsiansMovie and it was so delightful! Sorry I tried to start a Twitter beef with you. But… https://t.co/BaDa2hyujm
@peteherr @anniebellet @charliejane @Annaleen @annadayauthor Thanks Pete...You’re a star yourself!
That moment you find out Jean Luc Picard is coming back for a new Star Trek series https://t.co/Wh4eZQKR0m
@AndrewLiptak @liu_cixin @PandeanPanic Niiiice
@hottestsingles Your black soul is a balm to the unspeakable horrors that rage in my celestial body- but let’s keep it casual aiight?
@hottestsingles Where have you been all my long and empty life?
@megsauce My twitter feed
@carlylane Um hi👋
@MelissadelaCruz Never!!!
So excited to be part of the Raddish team. Raddish is a new way to experience books in a serialized format (old sch… https://t.co/fxoA5GGDUB
@DavidHarewood @NicoleAMaines See? Delightful! Thank you David and same to you- I’ll be thinking about Supergirl as… https://t.co/JU2iflbFSI
One of the best parts of the EW SDCC party is the line buddies you get to spend time with. Met @DavidHarewood and… https://t.co/roJvuf3o37
Ha! I look like I’m photo bombing this and actually im here for it. https://t.co/u4F7vqb88h
Looks like I ended up on the throne but I’ll share with you! https://t.co/dSE49oSfQ2
@MelissadelaCruz @SamMaggs I 💜💜💜 you Mel!
Red Sonja is my new adopted daughter. Can’t wait to work on this. So thrilled. https://t.co/fm31l8pURM
I have a friend named Kiki and she is living her best life rn.
I have crossed some sort of childhood milestone- instead of saying he was going poo my son just told me he was taking a dump so we’re there
Oh dear. There are so many poor white men crying their poor wee tears into their pints tonight. #WorldCup18 #croatiaadvances
Shout out to all my homegirls who have to do a stupid errand and put on a heavy sweatshirt even tho it’s 100 degree… https://t.co/H6B5ODL2Zl
@EventHorizon000 There is a good chance that as a woman, I am more emotional than you. But logically I can surmise… https://t.co/rdXbSJD7Z2
@mikaelafoster I am. Just bummed.
My primary care doctor DIED suddenly two weeks ago. When I called the office the first thing they asked about was m… https://t.co/lKXhH6ibPZ
@illathekilla @SamMaggs @TimelessAlex @RachelHeine @RowanRowden I am always wearing prom regalia. I sleep in taffet… https://t.co/WkcpHx6aAS
There was an alert this morning and it was oddly surreal to see... I am so thrilled for my Dad and Kat. They are pe… https://t.co/rsgKfVKK9p
I’d just like to meet the person who was like “yoga is great- but you know what’s missing? Goats.. yeah my practice… https://t.co/6gnsWUGIDV
So I texted my sister @efosta and told her all about this show that I’m obsessed with called #thearrangement AND SH… https://t.co/CEmoqGoezV
I have to wonder how many white, English speaking kids are in cages? My guess is ZERO. We are BETTER than the racis… https://t.co/I6eZCYS9Lj
@jannarden White tears- audiology, recording studios and ghosts of old blues singers. SO GOOD
There is never a time when my alarm goes off and I think 'oh yay! I can't wait to get up and work out!' it's more l… https://t.co/3wtsxLVzro
me, every time I have to clean the bathroom https://t.co/IoqB8ikNLd
@evaskyrose Is it just pictures? Is there a teaser trailer?
My face when I found out Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande are engaged. https://t.co/GJXYMdSZw8
Do not go back and rewatch the movies you loved when you were 18 years old. That shit does not hold up.
@thebookseller @PenguinRHUK What this author seems to be ignorant or indifferent about is that for years publishers… https://t.co/u4tG3HGU6z
We must take the stigma out of suicide.We must say the words. Everyone has felt like they wanted to die.Everyone at… https://t.co/ql0Jm7zMC4
Groundhog's Day + Sleeping Beauty Flora, Fauna & Merriweather are cursed to relive the same day as amnestic 16 yr o… https://t.co/R8ASU9RVF2
People I would like to marry- but also, weirdly, have as my mom/dad? #1 @jeffreygoldbIum ..am I right @SamMaggs ? Now, you guys go...
People I would both like to marry and also, weirdly have as my parent...#1 @jeffreygoldbIum am I right @SamMaggs? No you guys go...
There’s a special kind of mind fuck that happens when an article about you comes out and another person’s name is t… https://t.co/qqd7vyz9pI
Here’s a crazy idea @ABCNetwork..why punish all the hardworking folks on Roseanne because SHE is a racist arse? Nex… https://t.co/22XmNG4r7c
@SamMaggs @thebookcon @BookExpoAmerica @quirkbooks Yes you are! #soproud #thatsmyfriend… https://t.co/AKJNXQc1NQ
Now that I follow @JohnMayer on Instagram I can’t help but think, “Oh God. Am I John Mayer?”
When you want to watch new episode of #HandmaidsTale but you know it comes at the cost of revisiting old trauma and… https://t.co/40zGYtXzBg
If I have to hear one more “I don’t even know if I should open a door or not” as a way to sublimate the #metoo move… https://t.co/7hSwkH0ODs
Here’s a pro tip. If you don’t want to end up with a man baby for a son, maybe don’t wash his underwear? https://t.co/7m8d115XG9
@sam_aye_ahm I was juuuuust stranded there last week on a layover. I should have called. What was I thinking?
I feel like no one has ever cared about me this much or been as excited about anything I’ve ever done as… https://t.co/qpQ7JOzs3r
@sam_aye_ahm @ericsmithrocks As your BEST FRIEND im expecting full deets lol
@SamMaggs The only “uprising” people should be fucking with is mine💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
I feel you girl. We’ve all been there https://t.co/0Ttb2bivr1
Stop saying my damn name https://t.co/X6ksCVQf6H
Bohemian Rhapsody | Teaser Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX https://t.co/Cb1f2K2aF4 via @YouTube For the love of al… https://t.co/aWE5Ge1IMG
Sometimes life is so friggin hard. I have to remind myself that I am so lucky to have my particular problems. There… https://t.co/zDRxOvvSNZ
@RebeccaASerle https://t.co/wjQEw1ylXZ
So disappointing on every level. Based on an old model where execs believe girls can’t kick ass, be nurturing and f… https://t.co/l8q1CotqFS
I had an incredibly steamy dream last night about @Lin_Manuel so I’m thinking that broadway is definitely seducing… https://t.co/juPFtoLlba
@MelissadelaCruz Just chill girl. You deserve it.
@morganapple I can tell you absolutely that the YA community is full of fabulous folks of all colors, religions, se… https://t.co/dhfIvlE62G
@MelissadelaCruz I realize that there are far greater injustices in the world but in that particular moment Mel, it didn’t feel like it lol.
Ordered Postmates. Told the guy to leave it at the front desk and he delivered it to the wrong room and the monster… https://t.co/FKEKYl4nib
@megsauce Thank you sweet lady!!
@megsauce Amy: slowly raises hand and clears throat
#YALLWest is the coolest best most amazing time ever also https://t.co/rdRy2XCdXs
@MelissadelaCruz @cookie_everman @Abdaddy @HilaryReyl @BlueBikeBooks @kamigarcia @YALLWEST The only party I’ve ever… https://t.co/lCGhtcZ5tg
@SamMaggs @YALLWEST #blessed #THANOSOK??!!!
@dani_reviews Lord knows I’ve wanted to clap back! I think a critical view is essential but a mean one is just unne… https://t.co/ORN5vRhaGF
@julieplec You can do it Julie...and we can talk all about it in spin class lol
When I listen to a demo and I know that I’ve killed it. #imalsocrafty https://t.co/l30mOcselB
@WhyTheyLying @justinaireland Ohhh Justina- this ignorance of this tweet... my rage has LAYERS.
Dear Sir or Madam, If you give a book ONE star on Goodreads please know that you are an asshat.If it’s managed to g… https://t.co/AbRp4ybbF7
Just watched a show about @lilyachty and I’m just really proud of him mom style.
RT @marcelocordova: Book Recommendations for Binge Watchers https://t.co/wDne6oauTG @JamesSACorey @quellist1 @bcampbellauthor… https://t.co/UELjPjAQbD
Tweetverse! @mstohl @MelissadelaCruz and the entire (tireless) crew at @YALLWEST are proving that there are beautif… https://t.co/2PtKCFBQRb
@RemyHii However, I cannot in good conscience declare this a twitter beef since I agree with everything you said. I… https://t.co/QbC30TahFk
@RemyHii My daughter tells me that this is an appropriate response to your tweets https://t.co/nErFaTwVdz
@RemyHii @ThePerezHilton Ooohhh Remy are we about to have a twitter beef? Let me rephrase...can we please have a tw… https://t.co/soSlGIeuW8
Oh no! You’ve just told all TWELVE of your followers that I’m a moron. How ever will I find the confidence to go to… https://t.co/9ag5nA1u6K
I have said this before and I’ll say if again.This isn’t DIVA behavior.This is a WOMAN who has total agency over ho… https://t.co/LiMmPAJfEV
Just happy to be nominated https://t.co/o9XUiWmvqk
EVERY DAY twitter tells me to follow @chrissyteigen and I already do, okay? I doubt you’re email blasting her, tryn… https://t.co/qVrw6EQmmc
Carrie was off her meds in this photo- not a particularly glamorous day for her obviously https://t.co/fo99NVAx1j
Thank you sam for making my life https://t.co/PE8kW11DGz
Seriously, who is this elusive unicorn of a person that @ShawnMendes is willing to fly all the way to JAPAN for? Wh… https://t.co/yrTtKIdvB4
@justinaireland The NRA IS a terrorist org because -has a rigid mandate with only a single interpretation it accept… https://t.co/sXoL2c1EPu
Once again I would like to remind everyone that the teens right now are NOT millennials. Time Magazine and MTV have… https://t.co/djrZGRIz6U
I don’t know much....but I do know that if I was single and I wanted to go on a date with a guy I KNEW would be a p… https://t.co/y9Y0jwxuhE
What in the actual f*&k is this doing on my timeline @Twitter ... More importantly WHY ARE YOU TAKING MONEY from th… https://t.co/jTswjI8Jp5
@chrissyteigen So that other morons will be able to relate to him. Seriously...not that he isn’t dumb, not that thi… https://t.co/8HQifTfJWO
True fact: show a dude of a certain age a single still from ANY Rocky movie and he will be able to tell you which o… https://t.co/MzGDiaE8qO
Also, not sure she cast @Oprah so much as she simply revealed her to be the celestial being that she actually is. S… https://t.co/L9by6mdTLS
A lot of other people were my brand of misfit too! @ava made a movie for us. She saw us. And it turned me inside out.
The multiverse. I cried during the movie because I remembered being messy and nerdy and awkward and feeling unlovab… https://t.co/YgfM2v0ApT
Thoughts on #AWrinkleInTime one of my favorite books growing up...I didn’t realize how much it had influenced my ow… https://t.co/RG4VJIh6x2
@rgay Anne Morrow Lindbergh- Gifts From The Sea. Her husband was a dick. Her child was murdered. She wrote through… https://t.co/peZK5m4wA8
@mikaelafoster Thank you SG for setting the parenting bar so low for me..
I fucking love this. Participating in this panel was an absolute dream. And what a great article! https://t.co/lq9a4V7U8e
The new tv show #Deception is like #TheMentalist except for instead of cute and charming Patrick Jane the guy is th… https://t.co/s6415MVqsY
Sometimes in the editing process I’ll read something and go ‘Wow. I’m a really good writer’. Most times it’s just https://t.co/Hmq1RiP9Hx
it was super embarrassing and unnecessary and if the mom had any class she would have leaned over and talked to me.… https://t.co/MPWEx9gjP2
If she had a problem (which is her right I suppose though she’s not famous and I’m not a pap) just lean over and sa… https://t.co/47I7iBqMDO
That caption was like “this might be a problem!” In the 1st photo you can’t see the https://t.co/pitKE41AAQ the sec… https://t.co/8u0uuGapE0
Something seriously weird happened on my plane. I was flying standby and when I luckily got on I took a picture for… https://t.co/uIoJiSUnKz
My son- the ghost of Christmas future memes https://t.co/RH5KuW2AJ2
Wait...is Migos more than one person or?
It's happening!So thrilled to be returning to my favorite festival! (Stefon's voice) This place has everything...C… https://t.co/8AgeJRGH5H
@mikaelafoster #Early40’s so...
@mikaelafoster I don’t understand this either. Also https://t.co/xX6YY3Bvtn
@mikaelafoster I dont get this. Also...I don’t care.
I just got an email about someone linking up with me on myspace. And there was a hot second where I was like “oooohhh what’s myspace?!”
I’m so mad at @ABCNetwork - I’m out of town and my Airbnb only has roku and there is no way to watch the Oscars. Yo… https://t.co/FRsp9JyqDU
The fab five can save our broken boys! @QueerEye is the answer to toxic masculinity. Gay men need to be mentoring y… https://t.co/cz9TSgB0KB
Thank you Kroger for protecting my delicate sensibilities. #youknowyoureinthesouthwhen https://t.co/AxIc29iNe5
I love this picture! https://t.co/vwrZSGi5M4
This. Is. Everything. https://t.co/2n6zHgvgHQ
I can attest that this is true! But then again...not every editor is like you David ❤️ https://t.co/H9i2W34u6X
Yes!! Go here. Do this. Buy the thing!! https://t.co/Y3W1Xvi20s
MTV and Time Magazine called the generation born after 2000 the Founders- a name they gave themselves to differenti… https://t.co/pt1VzgTQZO
I loved #BlackPanther it was beautiful and funny and moving and amazing. I also recognize that it will never mean t… https://t.co/9aAhtt1T7L
Oh God. Pigs are flying. Hell has frozen over. Trump is actually...right? Politicians on both sides wont touch this… https://t.co/PJElzazbpH
@SamMaggs It’s adorbs that you think that she would ever watch that show! Omg..never.
@FLGovScott when asked about gun control you deflected with the usual ‘now is not the time’speech. You’re a child, … https://t.co/GLuWqIb0oO
Can you fix biology? Can you repair a genetic imperative? The violence will never stop until women are in charge of… https://t.co/yKUJbtYcr6
If you believe your right to bear arms is more important than the life of A SINGLE child, then you are a garbage mo… https://t.co/57YW0KQA3y
Gisele- Gee honey I’m really sorry about the game Tom Brady- that’s okay honey. You win 36, 000, you lose one. Lite… https://t.co/biRIOt9Wtb
@ReadingLark Yeah she’s so reluctant that she doesn’t even remember writing it lol!
Hey @theblackpanther sometimes too much foreplay is not cool. You know what I’m saying? I kinda feel like you’ve ha… https://t.co/xmkhYOVDWH
@thegamer1068 @cw_spn Lol. 😏
@carlylane It borders on blasphemy
Pacific Northwest Represent..Btw...this is what actual real MC’s sound like-if I have to hear another mumbling, laz… https://t.co/iDM5dWhjWT
@julieplec Once again, the brilliant ‘Julie from spin class’ is absolutely spot on.
Watching @cw_spn (Supernatural) Wayward Sisters ep. fierce chicks guarding a rift to another universe and killing t… https://t.co/hV1rXwWh7O
@jamesdashner Step away from the reviews slowwwwly James, very very slowly. Haters gonna Hate.
My favorite time of day is the last five minutes of my work out because I know I don’t have to work out again for another 47 hours.
@mybella1176 Fall of this year! It’s called The Rift Coda- thank you!
@MelissadelaCruz Melissa, if Beyonce worked out beside me every day, I would be in the best shape. I would have lik… https://t.co/y7BD0z3jvB
She may well have asked for it but, given the current state of things maybe a rethink of the title? https://t.co/EsxvGpCGIi
I binge watch so much TV that I’ve begun to think of regular movies like short films. I legit get confused when the… https://t.co/NuAm8wCemw
@dmoren @sarahtarkoff @ConFusionMI Ummm hi?
This one time at the EW Party at comic con I rode up the elevator with the entire cast of @MagiciansSYFY but I knew… https://t.co/lMEWgm0KBf
I think the dudes who keep using the word 'Witch Hunt" to describe today's climate should probably take just a minu… https://t.co/YCBt9EbnyG
When women are more worried that men are going to be victims than the actual victims- will some men be unfairly jud… https://t.co/jYc0NpDPJf
Real talk...we don’t deserve @Oprah - I would love nothing more than #Oprah2020 But we are the country that voted f… https://t.co/pq2RKe0Ffl
@VictoriaAveyard I know who you’re talking about and I wasn’t invited either lol
Every fucktard that voted for @realDonaldTrump should have to spend tonight in a tent in New Hampshire where it’s g… https://t.co/xwMkaHM45F
Oh Pete..you really get me...you really do...this is the most lovely and spot on review of The Rift Trilogy ever. I… https://t.co/KFil0xnQUc
#PhantomThread - Daniel Day Lewis’s swan song is a film that doesn’t realize it’s a Lifetime Movie- with slightly b… https://t.co/IT6hOdTior
Thank you Pete! https://t.co/16DaEJBqqB
There are so many annoying things about the overhyped #LadyBird but the thing that pissed me off the most is that G… https://t.co/xnbBDJR2cz
Every time I feel like I haven’t really accomplished anything in my life, I remember that I was… https://t.co/uiNGrRI7PP
Uugghhh this really frustrates me.I’m sure this dude is a turd but, to deny the hardworking contestants, hosts and b… https://t.co/Ai3ylKPgSw
This article makes me feel fancy and important 🙏🏻 https://t.co/qRgl85VyE4
After finishing #TheCrown2 all I can think is WHY DOESNT ELIZABETH HAVE A RIDE OR DIE?
Throws salt over shoulder, turns clothes inside out, clutches Horseshoe charm, burns candle… https://t.co/eLJVXISWJZ
Just finished #ShannaraChronicles season 2-Art direction and costumes are fantastic. The acting esp by… https://t.co/93ctjQfQaS
@SamMaggs I miss you tooooo and also I wish these were the words I actually wrote! I don’t write about unicorns enough...
@Nicole_Cliffe your recaps make me pee pants laugh (which in fairness isn’t that hard since my last 10 pound baby)… https://t.co/q3hj8npjvp
At some point in my life I decided that brown china, like poop brown, would be an excellent color for my dinner plates.
Meet Henry Cavill, the best looking guy that you would never have sex with.
@chrissyteigen This is awful! Unfortunately, it was just recently that three men tried to defend two WOC on the tri… https://t.co/wSZtEYj5aJ
ATTENTION WRITERS OF #JaneTheVirgin.. I’m starting to think Jane is an awful person because her son is such an asshole. Fix it.
How can we realistically have a conversion about predatory behavior when this song is number 8 on the charts? https://t.co/bcnpKEFYTX
Artistic license is one thing..but at one point, as women, do we collectively say, it’s not alright for you as men t… https://t.co/2NbmCNmOXr
You know when you just get into a petty ass mood and everything annoys you- like why does Twitter have an “all” opt… https://t.co/eVdZde8lXI
I swear to God if any of the Chris’ turn out to be pervy harassers... https://t.co/SDi9rNMQyO
Happy Birthday to my beautiful con wife @SamMaggs...here is your gif(t) https://t.co/T0JaLSnZ9t
After all these years Nikki Minaj still has to watch out for Selena. #beautyandthebeat
This bish is shady AF. Listen to the way she says she's not a threat. NO ONE IS BUYING IT ROBOT LADY. https://t.co/sKGNrylzmY
@madysen_lynch42 yay...i hope you like...if you don't FEEL FREE TO LIE
#sorrynotsorry https://t.co/Wn66qKJMHA
Dear Songwriters, please stop referencing Johnny and June Cash in your songs. It's basic af. Thank you.
Becuz of u @TaikaWaititi we sat down togthr as a family 2 watch What We Do In The Shadows.My 7yr old told me I wasn… https://t.co/ABy6aBpiCn
@skrishna Danny Rand is so boring that I don’t even consider what is whirling, glowing magic hand could do with my lady boner.
mass shooters r 98%male.Women don’t have the #’s in govt 2change gun laws.Only men have that privilege-what if it was flipped?Just imagine
@daniellempaige Awww miss you love
@RT_Magazine called #theriftfrequncy ‘s world building BRILLIANT 💥 https://t.co/gh5dnNC08V
@RT_Magazine just called my world building #BRILLIANT. 💥 https://t.co/gh5dnNC08V
@RT_Magazine just called my world building BRILLIANT. 💥 https://t.co/gh5dnNC08V
What does live action actually mean tho? Like the Jungle Book? Will Bey be a lion that looks real ?or are they people? #confused4real
Oh I’m sorry that @POPSUGAR just told you to buy my book...in the CELEBRITY section. https://t.co/LCuxrJoDWK
@POPSUGAR endorsed thank you very much...https://t.co/3PuOM9Tzg0
This was SUCH a fun interview. Sort my Charlie Rose moment except Hank is cooler.. https://t.co/TrXPln2MUl
Buffy is basically just like fml https://t.co/QnSM0xDu8Z
@SamMaggs 😘😘😘
Spoiler Alert: FOR TODAY ONLY- I’m super famous ya’ll https://t.co/45wo6lh5Ek
I do! This is a prettty good interview you all should read! https://t.co/ZUsPwR7qai
Me, every time I watch Outlander and the kids are still awake https://t.co/6AsNgk9pBS
I write a lot of stuff but this one is special people! #buffyforever https://t.co/ASG2yKYVrJ
I’d like to know at which point my kids decided they were too good for leftovers
@daniellempaige @HotTopic Did you check my insta? You’ll be jealous! And you can @ me lol
this is a pretty cool little interview but now all I can see is that I need a new author photo. God I'm vain. https://t.co/vZlge0xg3G
@Swainsch @evaskyrose No offense Eves but I thought this was Ann Hathaway for a minute
You wouldn’t believe how much time I spend on “this outfit is fancy, now how can I make it work with my sneakers.”
@NancyMaggs @SamMaggs Me too! Now make sure Sam reads it! Or she’s in trouble! Also she had a copy of frequency!
Yaaasss! Congrats on the new house! https://t.co/ginvkxnkcS
So many peeps getting the Rift box of goodies! 🙌🏻 https://t.co/BkLc93LBKh
@BenMulroney @jessicamulroney Ben will laugh at this- then you can laugh at him for laughing at it.. https://t.co/yCBzGq3JDv
DISCOVERY Captain-M No. 1-M https://t.co/gzU8qtarCt-M https://t.co/FFwiykpZHR Officer-M ENTERPRISE(STNG) Captain-M No.1-M C.O.S.-F C.M.O-F
Me being an extra feminist... https://t.co/D2Itkozws3
@SarahMlynowski @HarperVoyagerUS 😘😘😘😘😘
Deep down inside @ladygaga- we’re all rock stars https://t.co/ybQ24na5C7
All things being equal? finally....someone says fuck on Star Trek
Anyone else feel like a bait&switch with Star Trek?We were promised a female cptn & 1st officer but Discovery’s got dudes in both positions
Why am I so serious in all of my interviews?! It’s so weird. I just want to be like calm down Amy.. https://t.co/vX5UjUrcBZ
@skrishna Yeah that’s why Ravelry is the best. So many things to see before you commit!
@skrishna Make sure you look on Ravelry but I also think Lions Brand did an actual outlander series of patterns?
How am I just finding out now that #sleepyhollow WAS CANCELED? Are you kidding me? 4187 seasons of NCIS and only 4 with #teamwitness!
Maybe stop congratulating actors 4 denouncing Weinstein- it’s like giving gold stars to husbands who don’t beat their wives.
Can someone please tell me why fucking Dynasty gets prime time on the CW and #StarTrekDiscovery is on CBS’s secret online streaming club?
I sound very science-y here- I’m leaning in 🔬🔬🔭🔭https://t.co/AGW9fMWZp1 via @hypable
@DanaSchwartzzz Man from UNLCE. The scene where he’s mic’ing up Alicia is sexier than any love scene in 50 shades...
@carlylane @Syfyfangrrls Omg! Did you get my promo box yet? My girl is so unstoppable!! She’s a friggin freight train 🚂 👩🏻‍🎤🏃‍♀️🔥🔥🔥🔥🌪🌪🌪
and I love YOU!!! https://t.co/bNMyn4tFAS
In fantastic company AGAIN! Did you love @judyblume ‘s Forever...as much as I did? https://t.co/YlpwZC3sDG
The sad truth is, there isn’t a woman on earth who hasn’t had to have a variation of this conversation-it usually b… https://t.co/GDASPJGmXE
people roll their eyes when I talk institutionalized sexism. Now I have two words Harvey. Weinstein. As proof that it’s real & inescapable
Seeing a Number 1 beside my name and book feels so right #SorryNotSorry https://t.co/aKyssJxzB8
Shout out to all my girls who accidentally leave their underwear in their jeans and then they fall out on the ground next time u wear them
Just putting it out there that I’m only going to watch The Last Jedi for Poe Dameron -more specifically his hair and cheekbones. Don’t @ me.
💥❤️💥 https://t.co/TCvOQqLkVf
@MelissadelaCruz Yassss...😘
RT @MelissadelaCruz: Oh yay! Another fun book package in the mail! Thx @AmyFosterHere https://t.co/sEobo0mB2U
Sad to be missing the #TheMagicians panel @ #NYCCC2017 specially since there’ll be booze and @serathegamble-still recovering from yesterday
RT @HarperVoyagerUS: It's @AmyFosterHere gettin' her dystopia on at #NYCC at the End of the World & Questionable Futures panel! https://t.co/7HzQ8y3JYT
@missafayres I did indeed!! 😉
@alicialutes Only the fanciest for you ALu
Whats so exciting about being included in this list is that I’m beside Mercedes Lackey- who I’ve ❤️ since college https://t.co/WokdcRVQBu
Its done!! Just needs (a lot) of editing! https://t.co/ZeeSEZYkVI
@vulture Too soon guys. On about a hundred different levels.
PEOPLE! Stop wasting your energy on angry tweets. As long as Trump is president, nothing👏🏻is👏🏻going👏🏻to👏🏻change. #2020
I like being in such good company! Thank you @hellogiggles https://t.co/bNY6inFPL3
The movie Road House, the inside of Joel Osteen’s Church, the Confederate flag, date rape, emotionally unavailable… https://t.co/7Oyn8ltHXy
Cuz there are is no singing in space duh. https://t.co/YAmLK1XEG2
How could anybody call Trump a racist? Just LOOK at the diversity of his servants!!!! https://t.co/SSPrStT9tW
I just think my life would be so much better if I was really good at braiding hair
Making Yom Kippur plans like.. https://t.co/QwiYKDl14w
@DanaSchwartzzz I binged so many shows this summer and surprisingly? #TheBlacklist was the BEST. So camp. So arch and so good.
@KendareBlake OMG Kendare I am so so thrilled for you!! Congratulations!! 🎉🎉❤️💕💕
This troll consistently makes me feel super famous https://t.co/dD0jxp52mY
I bet Kristen Stewart never thought she'd long for the days when @realDonaldTrump spent his free time just trolling her.
If you ever really want to mess with your cat- put her in the car and turn the windshield wipers on.
@alicialutes What is goooing onnnn?!!
I'm thrilled of course the Handmaids Tale won for best writing but it feels vaguely offensive to me that a woman wasn't given the job.
The only 2 good things I got from my Scottish ex husband 1.my kids 2.I always understand what they're saying on #Outlander
Sadly my Cumberbatch sightings at #TIFF17 equal exactly zero https://t.co/UV5gamzatS
@ava member when I said I wrote a chrctr based on u- its 1988-u would have rocked a white DonnaKaran sheath dress w cutout shoulders?right?!
@Celesti42656973 ❤️
You're sisters are so beautiful, but they're just your half sister right? https://t.co/cGTbXJQv8f
1:43pm- oh I'm just gonna pop on over to Goodreads and check out what's happening with my book! 1:50pm- https://t.co/prIl4gqO7K
@ladygaga sung right into my brain, down my throat and melted my heart. Her doc #FiveFootTwo is the best thing I've… https://t.co/oshAtcWGgo
@SamMaggs @kristiprokopiak Anything for my bae 🦄🦄🦄🦄
@alicialutes @SamMaggs It is weird that they don't video panels tho- they could get so much traffic on SDCC panels you missed site
#RuinABandInOneLetter Yas!! https://t.co/AwrbbzePoZ
In the 80's Tina Turner was in her 50's, she was relevant, multiple no. 1's, selling out arenas, Black and sexy AF. It would never happen today
@JenAshleyWright @AvidReaderBlog I think you might enjoy this dude. @GuyInYourMFA
@daniellempaige @libbabray No, but I want to for sure so we can smash the patriarchy together
@daniellempaige OF COURSE WE DO
@daniellempaige @libbabray This is fabulous. I feel like @libbabray and I are soul sisters..SO MUCH of this rang true for me too.
@daniellempaige The writing is SO good
Just an absolutely immaculate piece of writing https://t.co/pLFanfO264
You're the gender expert apparently- so this remake with girls would be totally different. Or is that not worth exp… https://t.co/nzYy79uI5K
It's all on you @johnbradleywest This answer is dodgy AF. https://t.co/rQpia4PEmh via @vulture
Just finished a summer binge of Farscape- you should really REALLY if you haven't already https://t.co/PvbMnt76EE via @collider
@daniellempaige And like what was that noble woman even doing in the movie? Its like Guy Richie was like oh no! The… https://t.co/srY9Nbkiay
@daniellempaige We should just make a twitter handle with these photos. And maybe some Skarsgard thrown in.
@daniellempaige https://t.co/qkzMIMAazD
@daniellempaige Is this what we're doing tonight? Trading shirtless GIFs of Charlie? Twist my arm https://t.co/5HMj49fvSa
@daniellempaige He is the best on screen humper. Hands down 💋👇🏻🍆 https://t.co/3vuxD1Rduk
@daniellempaige Find my tweet about this movie D
@Marie_Lu I wish I'd read The Young Elites before we met at yallwest so I could have told you how fabulous i think it is. I loved it!
I say that with love. I am #teamtaylor but as one of the most talented songwriters out there- she needs to pull up more women with her.
I love @taylorswift13 Leaning In and shit- but let's see how many women are producing & co-writing her songs this time. 1989=1 @imogenheap
Cuz they are insecure assholes. Really fucking groundbreaking stuff there Washington Post. https://t.co/34TKTHWKLb
I no longer hold grudges because they were holding me back emotionally. Now I just ask God to Smite people who fuck… https://t.co/c0ArDShbNt
Last night I had a super rad hot sexy dream featuring Ben Affleck circa Pearl Harbor. Thank you magical eclipse! PS… https://t.co/ZeYd4EYtCF
King Arthur failed for many reasons but mostly because NO ONE WANTS TO SEE A CHARLIE HUNNAM MOVIE WHERE HE DOESN'T FAKE HUMP ANYONE.
@carlylane @SamMaggs Pine would would be down and dirty in the sheets and totally be cool with you calling him Capt… https://t.co/knu7avP2IS
@carlylane @SamMaggs Pratts natural resting body- without crazy seaweed crackers and three hour workouts is NOT hot dad bod
@carlylane @SamMaggs You kill Evans because he's probably such shit in bed and would always want to talk about Boston
@carlylane @SamMaggs Chris Hemsworth is who you marry omg he is the greater Hemsworth and also super funny in his T… https://t.co/fbYVZL0MLM
@carlylane Shame on you Carly
Hey bigots, member when u voted for Trump based on his "immigration" platform? Was it worth it? Do you feel safer now?
The correct response is THERE WILL BE NO PLACE. As the mother of Jewish children where's your outrage that Nazis ar… https://t.co/RsXVi6Q8R5
@justinaireland Another fun fact is how many very successful tv shows coast on this premise. Production doesn't nee… https://t.co/dyAe6osGmt
@justinaireland Also portland-this might be 1 of the most liberal cities but the rest of OR went for Trump.Alot of… https://t.co/zm8v1mUyKP
Today I had 2 explain to my 7yr old what these men were doing with their hands&why, if given the chance they would… https://t.co/jbHcL3UkRh
RT @AwDaniel23: #NoConfederate HBO: "What if the South had won the Civil War?" Black people: https://t.co/qCQq3tDAen
I dare 'jew' to come around this neighborhood and say that to our Jewish family because we'll Krav Maga your ass up… https://t.co/CBVdc5iXtC
It doesn't diminish my love for the show but EVERYTHING holds up in #farscape but the music. It's just so bad. #rescore
Tropes that are really fucking tired: broken female police detectives with a temper and/or cannot do intimacy.
There was actual pee in my pants watching this. For real. I'm not ashamed. Blue eyed devils!!! We are all @Lesdoggg https://t.co/cOOTySDcRa
Between this and the time I met @johnbradleywest I just feel like the Universe is trying to ruin my buy in to #got https://t.co/IjV1NE82Z7
@YAIndulgences Word
Take note #sdcc our panel was the last one on the last day and peeps are still talking about it. #wekilled https://t.co/vbRougt54G
Sometimes I watch Fast & The Furious, not because I like cars but because I wonder what it would be like to live in a world without cellulite
Nothing to see here! Move along!! The womenfolk are happy enough where they are as props with boobs- go on- get goi… https://t.co/oDxfPMoaKc
Another great article about our amazing panel at #SDCC17 @SamMaggs they liked us! They really liked us!! https://t.co/NDNiCUIcIE
@carlylane just started #WynnonaEarp & I REALLY like it especially since the Earp family clearly emigrated 2 Canada at some point. #accents
You know your xhusband is shady AF when he not only gets remarried & doesn't invite or even tell your kids but remarries ON YOUR BIRTHDAY
@PeaPodBond @SamMaggs Go for it. I just followed you
@PeaPodBond Yayyy!!
@missafayres Yeah. So much to unpack there right?
#AgentsofSHIELD is good summer binge but I find myself thinking "Im pretty sure the Avengers would want in on this one-" A LOT
I will say I'm very excited about this... from now on @SamMaggs and I will moderate every panel at every con till t… https://t.co/F9B4r9PArT
Secret Service!In solidarity just declare youre trans &then say to POTUS "So should we stick around? Or would you like to protect yourself?"
@tasyateles omg both of us from TO and we didn't know!!! #secretcanadians that party tho and that "club" 😂
@BradleyWerner @nineinchnails @audible I feel like If there was a way to listen to NIN and #theriftuprising together tho..
@Lupita_Nyongo I saw you girl and I was FEELING IT
@johnbradleywest I was the lady with absolutely zero chill. You probably get that a lot tho. https://t.co/IoixGdjUgQ
@StephenAmmel your mom totally did not remember me did she!??!
Want to add my own thanks to everyone as well for a great time! See you all next year! https://t.co/HMPuX3BH6x
@PeaPodBond Yay!! Enjoy!
@RealBreeTurner Which you won with aplomb
Don't let the incredibly long lines stop you from coming to my signing at 10:30 @ the Harper Voyager booth (jk no line)
@RebeccaASerle @julieplec Comic Con!!! Some after party after EW party. Still drunk I think? Omg Rebecca you have to go next year.
Last nite was the kind of night where I asked @julieplec if I knew her from spin class. Unsurprisingly Julie was super cool about it
I can't even handle all the FOMO with #SDCC17 my hubby the firefighter had to go on duty &save lives so like OKAY I'll wait until flgt tmmrw
@SamMaggs @stargatecommand I feel like you and I and our mutual love for #stargate is what makes our marriage so special.
@SamMaggs That's because you are My Lil' Con Wifey as in comic not convict)
@cnlamothe Sorry???? But also YES! That means the story is staying with you!! But... sorry!
YO @SamMaggs &I ARE MODERATING this panel @ comic con!So many rad ladies are joining us incldng my gals… https://t.co/ZeiBalMuOA
@SamMaggs @stargatecommand You and I are doing this yes?!!!
I actually wept. Thank you @ava for giving me a brief glimpse of my girlhood again https://t.co/KLDp0N598H
S%^t F*#k @SarahMlynowski I meant to wish you a happy book pub day yesterday! Congrats on #IseelondonIseeFrance ❤️❤️🎉❤️❤️
@AlannaBennett I am so jealous of this. I WISH some bish would come for me like this! #idbringaguntoaknifefight FEMINIST REVENGE!! I'm dying
It's hard to believe but this adorable kitten has the worst smelling farts I have ever smelled. Ever. https://t.co/65Zg9NbHqz
Watching my youth sing on #TheDefiantOnes. Brilliant. Also, I'm thrilled to report that @trent_reznor is still hotter than ever.
@AlannaBennett I'm wearing the most obvious tshirt in the world because I'm old and I have zero fucks to give- come… https://t.co/b5DmQ6izG5
@kassmorganbooks Lemme at 'em!
Hookah I ain't in the helpin' business no more. I'm in the fu-k off while I smoke a blunt business. #RipLafayette #truebloodforever
The OA = let's make a sci fi show but not really cuz sci fi is for nerds&losers so let's make an indie movie that's 8 nonsensical hours long
I had a deeply sexual dream about @channingtatum who I nvr thought about b4.& now I'm like is this a sign?Is CT some sort of sexual Jesus?
@DanaSchwartzzz Dana, I give you my kitten...Buffy The Vampurr Slayer. https://t.co/Fl1xDQmyRk
PS @RebeccaASerle set PA Adam is the hottest guy on #FamousInLove #sorrynotsorry
WHHHYYYYY didn't I think of this first? https://t.co/BxSYaKfh8F
Amazon FYI I am never looking for a "clean series". Ever.
@SchadenFloyd1 Yes! Its called the rift frequency. Out on Halloween ANOTHER holiday
That feeling you get when your paperback drops on July 4th and everyone is too busy partying https://t.co/KDPayHHZmE
I am a straight lady who has never even kissed a girl but I swear-I watched #preacher and I would legit marry #ruthnegga and I DIG it!
RT @HarperVoyagerUS: Happy #pubday to @AmyFosterHere's RIFT UPRISING, in which a young soldier starts to question everything she knows.… https://t.co/0QORrjGnvB
Using my kitten to shamelessly plug the paperback of #theriftuprising in stores today! On America's bday! https://t.co/yjVhv4UWmI
My daughter told me she isn't upset her dad is a deadbeat but that he isn't Indian-because Indian wmn are the most beautiful.Agreed & sorry?
@SarahMlynowski KILLING the swag game. Can't wait to read #ISeeLondonISeeFrance https://t.co/AwzPMv2BuG
Happy Canada day. Pretty sure my son gave me pink eye so I'm really committed now to the Red and White
@Willothewords loving Jackaby! @Powells never lets me down when it comes to finding great reads
#handmaidsarmy https://t.co/Zp5C423NMS
@AlannaBennett I don't know if this is your cat but he/she looks like it could be related to my new kitten- Buffy t… https://t.co/q4W1ZvBD3B
In a really great mood just had my annual check up & dr told me in really great shape so I'm probably not dying to… https://t.co/TyVIPct9Ga
This is my sitting on the tarmac for 2 hours why the fuck don't I have my own plane I'm such a failure face https://t.co/60dMYlv445
@VictoriaAveyard How do these people even find you??!!
THIS SONG IS EVERYTHING (all you Rifters out there-Ryn's new theme) Preach @bethditto https://t.co/z1zCpesUCQ via @YouTube
I just don't even get what they would even do at Uber HQ? Like, think about it.
Hey Ana Steele- maybe when he says I get off on hurting women who look like my mom u go- cool but maybe u should go to therapy b4 i move in?
The only realistic bit of dialogue in #50shadesdarker- "no you are not putting those in my butt"
Hey filmmakers- can we just make a pact from here on out to never put "Spirit In The Sky" in any more space movies? Thanks much.
@VictoriaAveyard The fact that this fucktard likes sci fi has me rethinking my life goals.
If you cross the street and can't be bothered to look both ways you're a dick (or a small child) and really, you deserve to be hit.
@peteherr Absolutely would love to I'll follow you and you can dm me with deets
I'm definitely not saying @taylorswift13 wrote HAIM's I Want You Back- but like, she heard a ruff demo and was like well...
Wrote this for Mikaela- but it applies to so many of you out there starting on this new journey https://t.co/dzy9tmKpSU via @hellogiggles
Trump is president. The Russians control our democracy. @AllOfValentina sashayed away. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD???!!!
Wallander is okay... but honestly when I watch #kennethbranagh act he actually takes my breath away. I melt. I'm a puddle of feels.
@carlylane Carly I really feel like you need to read my book- I'm not saying my main character is an asshole- not NOT saying it tho
@daniellempaige @thebookcon Why wasn't I therrreee??!!!
Yesterday I was writing & suddenly my protagonist said "Well smack my ass and call me Diana" https://t.co/xlUmEflTag
@SamMaggs This is why we were made for each other
@VictoriaAveyard His voice makes my lady parts fold in on itself like an envelope that I mail to witness protection.
Roses are red The Citadels will rise My paperback comes out On the 4th of July! #theriftuprising #YAlit… https://t.co/pBFB8wkk2d
@AdamSilvera I actually thought you said "made love to every reader" and for a second I was like..huh- that's one way to do it
@DanaSchwartzzz Dana stop it only God is perfect and #twilight is a beautiful unicorn that should only be glimpsed at fleetingly
@wilkinsonmartin the red coat/wrap in first scene of Wonder Woman- custom? Or done by a designer- SO Fierce.
@KDHcharley Yes but SPOILER ALERT(stop if uhavent seen) imagine if Maru had of been Aries? What that convo would ha… https://t.co/eHyTE88zUi
I liked Wonder Woman BUT it was created by a dude, written by 3 dudes and 11 out if the 13 producers were dudes & to me- that was obvious
@SamMaggs Just read Paper Girls and yes. Meh.
Just curious if given the choice would you rather have a fictitious, corrupt, egomaniacal, fear mongering POTUS or Frank Underwood?
I feel like I'm a pretty smart person but I legit have no idea what is happening in Quantico season2. I don't think the writers do either
@SamMaggs I am really feeling the black ones
I love the company I'm in here!!! Highly Anticipated Sequels https://t.co/aEmF91MnTn via @SavvyReader
@kassmorganbooks I'm really hoping this is not my book 😬
I really want to like #AmericanGods I just don't think I'm cool enough.
@VictoriaAveyard You get in the best twitter fights. https://t.co/kWbwuUzG4f
@Revolt_of_2017 @KeeganNYC @BrianPBlake Like what in the actual fuck? Rural Oregon isn't where I'd choose to live b… https://t.co/4ze1JaQPN7
The outrage is appropriate but it's more important to DO something. Help the families of these brave men https://t.co/kVfIzSIn7k
@jessie1013 Jessssiiieeeee!!! What happened? I'll miss you! You don't follow me on twitter? But you should then I can dm you
It's like if Trump was our dad &he picked us from school in a neon orange HUMVee blaring Nickelback wearing no shirt and socks with sandals
Yes Ryn is soldier but she's also a bookworm.PS @lainitaylor I wrote thisWAY before I met you-so 🙏🏻don't judge my g… https://t.co/MpijAyZqor
Thank you @MagiciansSyfy for all these goodies! I promise to never watch any other show but #TheMagicians from now… https://t.co/G0naAheRh9
I'm watching 1st season of Quantico & basically it's #PrettyLittleLiars with grownups and guns
@MelissadelaCruz Woot! Get it Lady! Btw- this is Amy (not Sara- although today I wish I was my sister because I'm v… https://t.co/NnpYJXGAV7
"the best and most cost-effective way to control women for reproductive and other purposes was through women themse… https://t.co/zGZuIFSEwK
@VictoriaAveyard Can you though? Like -in person in would be such a lady Boner killer. REALLY think about it https://t.co/a3Bjzkb3Gd
@VictoriaAveyard Victoria- this saddens me to tell you but I have it on good authority that he wears the dad jeans-… https://t.co/jSrxiMGHUx
Come on! It'll be awesome they said- meanwhile I just waited almost an hour for a fucking ice cream wrapped in a waffle.
On ABC news 1994 @realDonaldTrump said "I have days when I come home &dinner isn't ready & I go through the roof" #handmaidsarmy
About Miss Universe @realDonaldTrump said "if you're looking for a rocket scientist don't tune it tonight" #handmaidsarmy
@MirandaScribble @scalzi Yassss!!!!!!
#handmaidsarmy https://t.co/sDEXOO3PMC
In an interview w NY Mag- @realDonaldTrump said about women-"You've got to treat em like shit" #handmaidsarmy
https://t.co/nek49rvQr5 THIS IS WHY STAR TREK IS EVERYTHING. Rogue One? Bitch please.
Guys.There is no do over @realDonaldTrump is a moron but Pence is literally THE DEVIL.If we impeach Trump-Satan will be POTUS #thedeviluknow
It's a special kind of joy when Hetero dudes think American Gods was made just for them and then they watch ep. 3
INTERNETS!!! In case U missed it! we are serving you baddass with a side of #ellenripley and a dash of #sallyride.… https://t.co/qfGKh4MiQ0
My notifications are blowing up today with tags at a party I wasn't at. That wasn't me. I was actually at the mall. #FOMO
Just in case you didn't know #therifttrilogy is action packed! Hello book 2!! #theriftfrequency https://t.co/ozd1Qx8sNZ
I am watching @HandmaidsOnHulu and my husband is watching the Hugh Hefner story on his iPad. Take from that what you will.
@daniellempaige Woo Hoo https://t.co/K9GC2yXGAF
OK. But is our chat restricted to #TheMagicians because I feel like the world is going to shut and magic might be o… https://t.co/h9jMW9zWzR
@SummerBishil1 fun fact- Summer was my second choice for my daughter's name- she came out kind of emo &broody so we went with Mikaela
I don't understand why no one on my twitter feed talks about #TheMagicians ? Because it's so- what's an actual cool way of saying dope?
All hail Cher Queen of Shade https://t.co/ixN3kLe2pm
I have so much love in my ❤️ for you! Miss you already! https://t.co/szeUulj6De
@justinaireland I can't wait for him to start whining how ITS SO UNFAIR that he only has the one Iron Fist when everyone else gets two.
@jamesdashner Shattered glass is clearly a thing in 2017. Also falling with purpose. It's all over my new cover too. Woot
@erinsummerill Yaaaasss queen
@KendareBlake DM me! Want to ask you a quick question-
@andrewalanperry Thank you for coming. Really. I mean it! I wish there had of been a hundred yous in the audience
@author_cblee @veedabybee Yes! Veeda too. So many peeps. Knew I'd forget some
@SamMaggs @author_cblee @daniellempaige @erinsummerill @VictoriaAveyard @MikalebRoehrig @SaraBLarson just an averag… https://t.co/DWCzZqVKxO
@EvelynSkyeYA Yassss! Can't wait to read your book!
TBS to like 5 minutes ago when @kassmorganbooks was down for helping me shamelessly plug my… https://t.co/aNC7eOfZU0
@erinsummerill I would still be drinking happily with you all if I didn't have to prepare for my secrety mysterious… https://t.co/zFZBMrs8On
Don't F**k with us. Seriously. https://t.co/5NDWEoSs7e
Are you guys excited!! #YALLWEST https://t.co/DZaUbE9B2m
@MrJeffGiles @corriewangbooks @ElizEulberg @SaraBLarson Yes- Every. Single. One. (Cue evil laugh)
This is THE panel- the secrety secret panel of mysterious mysteries https://t.co/UWblCoxQ95
@heidimontag Oh wow that sounded a little Pervy. I would like something extra that is not weird weird
Heidi, I have written more than one- do I get something extra for that? Not joking. I would actually like something… https://t.co/Jy31wkdbgV
I am doing a Reddit AMA- come on over and ask me a question! Seriously or else it will be lame https://t.co/pbWV8I7VTo
I literally don't know who these people are. Maybe pro wrestlers? The models from price is right? The guy who sold… https://t.co/3E6dzU6BAu
YOU try explaining to your 6 yr old why he can't put dark makeup on his face so he can really be like #blackpanther it's a tough one
@JTSpiderling That's rational thinking. He legit wants to be black and nothing else will do! In his mind black is t… https://t.co/XwE4TctXue
@KendareBlake I really am! We live in the same part of the world- hopefully stars will align one day and we'll get to meet IRL!
@KendareBlake LOVING Three Dark Crowns fellow Foundry Sister!!
when I say "I can't- I have to rearrange my sock drawer" I am actually not lying. Please note… https://t.co/mQOmDg2387
also...that's some fucked up Donnie Darko shit right there. https://t.co/Lx5hrMlu34
for haiku day- What's up with Star Wars? I mean, I guess it's okay Really though, it's no Star Trek #sorrynotsorry
Canadians, like @margaretattwood by way of geography, are put in the best position to observe. #Resist https://t.co/L3oG48GjiD
When asked if the press was gunning for him @seanspicer said "I don't think it's monolithic". YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATOR.
@seanspicer FYI the Jews were actually Hitler's people-as Germans living in Germany. But it's all SEMANTICS right?… https://t.co/QvHLCL1aTL
@suejkelly 💋
@suejkelly Between the cold sore, sinus infection and shit mood- I'm killing it today.
@suejkelly Yes!! Next one out October of this year! And anyone who reads YA is never old!
@VictoriaAveyard It's the dream of thousands of women and gay men brought to life by magic and Tim Riggins' swagger.
Congrats to @mstohl on Royce Rolls! I put my money where my tweets are & bought a copy. Can't wait to read-See you soon at @YALLWEST woot!
I do @allisonchopin- see he thought it was a Women In Prison Movies panel... https://t.co/N1lDLeCWqU
Take that you assholes who criticize me referencing Buffy in my YA book. As if young people don't know who Buffy is… https://t.co/eerforeRmj
When I was 12 and very intimidated/terrified @StephenAmell s mom helped to kit me out with my first uniform at Branksome.
On another not totally unrelated note- I don't really understand the whole Russian thing on #Arrow
note to authors-if you're having a great day and thinking "no day should be THIS great"pop on over to Goodreads and read the reviews.
Call me crazy, but I have a feeling that @BenAffleck does not write his own tweets. Which is weird because he does have an Oscar for writing
Stupid @united! Women are only allowed to wear dresses! https://t.co/oazw0alD3T
@SamMaggs Ummm hi? I must be her other mom because I CAME UP WITH THAT NAME @TheRiftTrilogy #shamelessplug
As promised @MarniBates a great pic of you! Congrats on the new book-so happy to be part of the secret writers grou… https://t.co/K59ORGgeVQ
@ThatDreamerLiz yeah..all us white girls with notoriously flat asses have said it!! but wanted a WOC's POV!
EVERYONE..is it offensive for my white girl character to say that she thinks she has a nice ass- for a white girl?
@BeerBadger08 Thank you! So glad you liked it!
really hoping that noone noticed this cuz it was so late AND NOT bcuz they don't know who @ava is-if u don't twitte… https://t.co/uYqPGJL022
I love @ava so friggin much I wrote a character in my new book series thats as much like her as I could get away with without being creepy
@AllCharisma- Well I think we can all agree that you might not have been able to slay or do magic but you really had the best hair.
Me too! 7 months to go. Whomp. Whomp. https://t.co/pZG7hfH4Pt
@gmrickel OMG LOVE!!
@GeneseDavis @MeganNKruse late to the party on this but back atcha https://t.co/h3cKan1Khv
No shame in my game- #democraticpartysurvey https://t.co/mcMjC6IOuY
If there was a Real Housewives PDX and I was on it, it would mostly be wide shots of me knitting in my sweatpants watching @HumansAMC
@NathanFillion but that doesn't make any of us LESS CANADIAN right? Doesn't it piss you of when ppl side eye your US passport?
Just in case you were wondering THIS is why I want you to ask me about my feminist agenda... https://t.co/MlFYYaVBlI
For the love of God- when is @VeraFarmiga going to get recognized for her work on #BatesMotel ?
@VancityReynolds nice use of dfos' back catalog.
#ECCC2017 was incredible. Talking 2 fantastic people like you is what keeps me writing when all I want 2 do is bing… https://t.co/cYMMRD1udb
@saralisse ❤❤❤❤
I'm signing books! Please come and meet me! Till 6:15 in the Writers Block #ECCC
@SchadenFloyd1 😘
@peteherr oct 2017!!
Nasty Women Panel starting in 20!!! Room 603. SO MANY NASTY WOMEN!!! #ECCC
2 panels today at the Con. First at 12:15- talking bout some cool new Harper titles. Loc. WSCC 603. Then signing after @ writers block tble
Timothy Olyphant just walks sexy. I'm not sure how a person can do that? But he does.
@TentacleCouple I have two panels and two signings... I'll try to find out where exactly and tweet beforehand!
I tried #riverdale but it's not me, it's you. Also not so down with the with the pedophilia angle.
Me:what do u want to be when u grow up? Vaughn:well, i really like cuddling, kissing and spanking Me:😬
So darn proud of you @russellhornsby- miss you around these parts. https://t.co/PRN5noCsEX
@SamMaggs I will name check you so hard
@realDonaldTrump 90%of your tweets endin exclamation marks.Wish the majority of the nation ws as excited bout all the shit yr doing as u are
Remember when Matt Damon was hot? Now he just looks like my best friend's dad in high school.
@YAIndulgences and by that community I mean actors and filmmakers who fucking hate Trump
@YAIndulgences yeah that's why I live in Portland! But really moonlight is so important to that community they wouldn't fuck them that way
@YAIndulgences &I'm going to say no friggin way. no conspiracy. These people are actors and producers and would nevr to that to either cast
Like I tell my kids if you just see things to the end MAGIC HAPPENS. #oscars
Anyone else thinking Hunger Games here with the little parachutes dropping on the audience? #teamfinnick
I hate contradicting these amazing women but as a songwriter and author I have to awkwardly raise my hand and say "… https://t.co/hexAC4iELT
So much proof that Amy is the most basic bitch name ever that Kimmel was like Mahershala it's not like you could name your kid Amy right?
So I guess no one is going to talk about the fact that mrs timberlake looks like Mufasa from the Lion King?
GODAMMIT hormones don't you make me watch the Notebook again.
@spencerpratt snaps about your hummingbird are like a Fellini movie on benzos.
Every time I watch Luke Perry be the stern dad on #Riverdale I die a little inside.
@Augustinam @GeneseDavis you did great!!
Thank you Genese. You've got serious moderator game! https://t.co/AKoITJXjzA
Only in 50 shades can a man be cured from an incredibly traumatic childhood by doing it Missionary Style repeatedly.
@carlylane I have a son who is young but looks old for his age so maybe I'm sensitive but still- it's overly Trope-y
I mean I suppose if we have to have another white savior okay, Matt Damon. Wait. No. Nope. Still doesn't make it okay. Enough already.
@carlylane but come on- Archie is what 15 even maybe 14 that summer? If it was mr. weatherbee boning a 14 year old Betty we'd be outraged
Exhibit A that institutionalized sexism runs deep and why women are sometimes the greatest offenders of all.… https://t.co/IMH7yWRQbQ
there's never an appropriate time to call you a spick @georgelopez & there's never an appropriate time to call a woman a bitch. EVER.
@PomericoD @jennybent PLEASE GOD(DESS)!!!
Imagine if you will, a Foster family dinner.... https://t.co/JEvTTTqhW5
Dear @AnselElgort you are a really good singer and I appreciate the smoldering. You don't have to dance tho, it's weird.
Now I understand why accounts are verified. This is my only twitter account. Anyone else claiming to be me sits on a throne of lies
Whn I told my kid I'd prbly nvr get tobe friends with @chrissyteigen I got the same look as when I toldher she'd nvr get an owl frm Hogwarts
My kid is funny af (from the real me and not my fake account which I will be tweeting about pretty much constantly… https://t.co/fs30cNY2IK
You can try harsh world but u just can't keep a famous, husband of a supermodel, multi millionaire, "my body is a temple" cis, white, male down.
On the Jumbotron, in between two dudes- the only time we'll ever see Pence in the middle.
Hey Brady, uknow how everyone is side eyeing u and blaming u and yr trying yr best but it's not good enuf? Welcme 2 life as a non white man.
I'd just like to watch a movie where Benedict Cumberbatch reads aloud from "Twilight" and acts out all the parts.
Cool- so you'd like us to protest violently? I CAN DO THAT. https://t.co/dL9RTKRl9o b
Woot! You nailed it Peter!Book Review: Amy S. Foster's "The Rift Uprising" is Exciting Adventure https://t.co/ipamdfjZVF via @The_Geekiverse
Last nite I dreamed I got very upset when Ben Affleck (dressed up in a Cabaret costume) called me Mary during sex. Thanks #BatesMotelBinge
Finding it pretty hard to get behind a storyline where a teacher bones a boy about to start gr. 10. Not cool #Riverdale
https://t.co/ZVIHLAp3vV No girl. You don't get to tell another woman she's doing feminism wrong. Don't hate the player.
Now NOW Ladies it's time to get in Formation.. Trump is announcing his Supreme Court nomination tomorrow.
Anyone else notice that Ryan Gosling @the_ryan_kelley and @ChristophrWood all kind of look like the same person? It… https://t.co/LSzHLrzUHI
Finally watched Tarzan and there are approximately 90% less sex scenes then there should be.
@SamMaggs @HerUniverse You get such cool stuff!! 💋💋
I'm not sure anyone is watching anymore but Homeland is finally good again (and disturbingly relevant)
Having Trump as your dad would be hard enough- people need to lay off the trolling of a ten yr old boy who never asked for this.
I'm just really annoyed bcuz as a YA dystopian author"National Day Of Patriotic Devotion"was going to be in the 1st sentence of my next book
I admit, I didn't get Hamilton until this very minute... https://t.co/xoxA4XF8mj
A great book can fix just about anything. #writerslife https://t.co/Cqf5fUs43g
I want to enter the Omaze competition for a chance to win going to an escape room with @ChrisEvans but my sisters would side eye me 4ever
#buffyforever #nowmorethanever https://t.co/UwyHvjgjIK
Don't love the fact that my book is beside the one that says "fail often"- but it's still a bargain! Go buy! https://t.co/x7VwHNELxd
sweet baby Jesus please make the Rift movie happen so this girl can play Audrey https://t.co/F64n6OAj9i via @vulture
I get I'm supposed to be all political on twitter but can we talk about how Anastasia Steele NEVER has a purse? My 13 year old uses a purse
Unless you're Mike Pence. https://t.co/EEjkexJdLY
@carlylane This is the one! The one I told you about!!
@SamMaggs what is this???ohhhh! exciting!!!
If only Loki had of accepted that Golden Globe!He also would have made it all about him but at least it would have been funny
I get so much joy when an ignorant fuck steps up to @justinaireland and she opens a can of verbal whoopass
I am the child of two performers. #BrightLights knows where I live.
comparing my book to Twilight IS NOT an insult-& left wing politics? like immigration and xenophobia? Thats just me… https://t.co/M16M58fLXw
For all of you who dig reading on a tablet...(and who love a good deal!) https://t.co/Ha0K7Rk1Fx
@SarahMGellar @whedonesque why my Ryn may be Buffy's only real successor- cool for me- sucks for female characters… https://t.co/6IvyQE5OAl
RT @GRRM: 2016 was directed by me.
Well at least I know why it's called Rogue One- apparently there's only 1 female willing to do any actual fighting. #anotherstarwarsfail
I love this interview on I did on Between The Covers...it's very SNL does NPR.. https://t.co/zqDi1giJFd
@emilygiffin @TheRiftTrilogy Thank you Emily!!!
Sick and tired of the same old xmas tunes? Here's my fave by @jjjennyo Share yours!!! https://t.co/SpclmLjFhE
Eva just said "you realize that @carrieffisher along with @DollyParton & also the Queen are the women I really wish were my grandma."
@AlannaBennett Yes agreed with @megsauce I live here...it is SO white. Too white. 😬
So no sleep for me tonight I guess... https://t.co/yRCGS4t5KL
October 2017! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/QgKO6QZCWX
RT @BNSciFi: Thanks to the authors who've offered binge-watching pairings for their books! Find all 12 #BingeWatchersGuides here… https://t.co/2uN0E0Ew4L
I would also make a strong argument for New Adult to extend beyond the romance genre. Really. This needs to happen https://t.co/FA8AgLLFhj
Buffy forever... https://t.co/Lp3yYCBFpk
I'm 100% positive my sartorial esthetic is #KatnissEverdeen in #CatchingFire on her Victory Tour.
My homey, neighbor and fellow chili enthusiast @RonWyden putting Trump on blast. This is no media conspiracy- THESE… https://t.co/Q2Zg0IPBYA
A lil interview I did... https://t.co/Ll6vZ6E9Jr
When I watch the 50 shades darker trailer I think unless I had put on those underwear like, 10 seconds before I would never give them over.
Thank you Moriah!! https://t.co/lf9qKQHLLl
The greatest reviews are the ones written by the peeps u wrote the book for... https://t.co/0HzZq3zRB5 via @emissourian
Ntl. Census Bureau reports top baby names for 2016 are Fucking Drag and Shitstorm Palooza
Here's an article I did for Teen Librarian Toolbox where I name check Judy Blume because she's my spirit animal. #TheRiftUprising #YA #YALit
2day my son said he'd never seen me cry.I didn't think he'd feel safe if I got too emotional.But that was my own baggage.Parenting is hardAF
RT @dhammelef: In Wonderland is giving away a copy of #TheRiftUprising by @AmyFosterHere #bookish #giveaway (US Only) https://t.co/YYX4fF7M3N
@justinaireland not me! It isn't easy2confront the things you shed light on but it's necsry. Nothing is ever going to change by hitting mute
RT @adambarken: "Kneel, Superman. KNEEL BEFORE ZOD." https://t.co/PZSgnQaOQT
I'd like to nominate my actual biological girl child and also Ryn from my book (who I also created?) because she's… https://t.co/Atf8cJZbN0
WHY IN THE EFF AREN'T MORE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT #BLACKMIRROR? Stranger Things was great and all but, Black Mirror is BRILLIANT.
Her posture though! It was distractingly slouchy right? https://t.co/RN9QNiBCNV
Most of my bad assery was gained by emulating #ParisGeller #GilmoreGirls #UncompromisingAF https://t.co/2H3DME6opf
Vacay in the Wild West? Everyone smells, no magic, I have wear a dress? No thanks. #Westworld #worstthemeparkever
@PomericoD rembr when we 1st edited #TheRiftUprising and you were like "The Gilmore Girls is too dated, kids wont know it"2 that I say HA!
Yeah we did...boom (exploding fist pump) https://t.co/YJohVwksqh
Some tips on writing YA characters...full discourse I'm a cheater because I have two teenagers https://t.co/p2BbMakGOe
Thrilled that readers are picking up on the themes of Immigration, Assimilation and Xenophobia in my book #TheRiftUprising #YAgetsitdone
@ForgotBeauty I will! It's not easy for him or our family but it's a calling -that's why that letter pissed me off so much.
Im married to a 1stresponder/firefighter.They leave politics at home.They risk their lives2save ANY ONE1st rule of… https://t.co/KonGNNBlXT
Just so we are perfectly clear here...there is no way to "peacefully" ethnically cleanse a population. #neveragain #weremember
After watching The Crown Id like every day's important information (emails, reports etc) to be presented in a red leather box labeled Queen
I was so thinking the same thing!!! https://t.co/ocp3rsnoBU
After reading your bio Christy I feel you're really gonna dig my book! Enjoy Xox https://t.co/TAfD8pKI5S
when ppl talk about "privilege" they mean smne like Pence who goes to a place full of ppl he's alienated and still feel ENTITLED to b there
@SpeakLoudProud it's a hard cover book- not the kindle edition.
I suppose the Queen won't watch The Crown...WHAT KIND OF ALIEN DOESN'T WATCH A NETLIX SHOW BASED ON THEIR LIFE??!!!
Enjoy it Malissa! xox! https://t.co/OyrrLexRmh
This makes me so happy! I graduated from @AmericanU so I spent a lot of time in various DC public libraries. Thank… https://t.co/0WA5GGUxhE
Only I could fangirl this hard over a prop #timelord #letmein https://t.co/aKhSANeauw
Just finished book 1 in the Raven Cycle. Thank you @mstiefvater for the gorgeous words...
@chrisjtse @DearMama_ I'll take it...
You complete me Sam Magic https://t.co/UVNb2rZmpj
You realize that we're the biggest nerds we know.. https://t.co/mstIYwl3A8
@DearMama met BA a long time ago.girls nite&my baby was at home I MIGHT have had a lady boner or I could have just been weird and desperate
I wonder if Emily talks like this throughout the movies she reviews? If so I will fly to NZ and join her. She is TH… https://t.co/0BmHWmBjpj
Because I'm a woman i assume you'll be basing this on looks. I feel like on a good day I'm a solid 8. Do I qualify… https://t.co/c55JkaOoum
I wrote Judy Blume to thank her for being such a huge, meaningful inspiration to me and SHE WROTE ME BACK… https://t.co/GyKFkFiu7D
Can we all just agree that waist training shouldn't be a thing anymore? FOR SO MANY REASONS
Yaaasssss girl https://t.co/VOAdhgwteD
I just started a twitter takeover of @YoungEntmag come follow along or dm me questions
@Ajapanesejenn thank you for coming!
Thanks for the interview Jocelyn! https://t.co/seguRrkagm
@RebeccaASerle a Siren tho? Really? Thus Proving my theory that #TheOriginals might be the only spinoff better than...well the original
You guys! Check out the adorbs Caden and her amazing review of #theriftuprising https://t.co/nrovZVGsDg
So exciting! @clairecoffee I'm anxiously awaiting all your questions! https://t.co/sEq8NOBgiJ
Just really fuck you 2016. You had to take Leonard Cohen too? One of the best lyricist's ever. Oh Leonard you took my breath away..
Thank you Jennifer and @FandomNet for this great review! https://t.co/XXcediRRh2
@liz_monster @PomericoD I mean who doesn't love a good collusion? Jk! Nothing but ❤️
@liz_monster Elizabeth! Just read your MarySue article. Totally agree. Why don't we know each other? WE HAVE THE SAME PUBLISHER- crazy!
Congrats to my dad! So proud! ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/9Z2DBbI3xf
Happy Happy birthday to my sweet @SamMaggs sending tons of love from Roswell, NM https://t.co/v6Nrn74EWo
You are so welcome! Love the book!! https://t.co/fgSeFoLSzY
@MeaganSpooner @HEAusatoday @AmieKaufman @misterkristoff you're welcome AND also my middle name is SKYLARK. It's fate!
RT @HEAusatoday: Author @AmyFosterHere shares fave fantasy #YA couples. @AmieKaufman @MeaganSpooner @misterkristoff… https://t.co/N93L58Q0jD
There's no"coming together"no"healing" Trump supporters think we're just pansy liberals. Get Ready. YOU'RE THE ONES WHO SHOULD BE AFRAID.
Okay so I'm going to be on AM Northwest today at 9:00am today talking about my book which feels weird but #iwontletTrumpruinthisforme
You're a fucking douche troll. Stay off my feed. https://t.co/wyq84XbCdz
I feel like Trump becoming POTUS was the first scene in #Idiocracy-but the writers cut it bcuz it was too unbelievable, even in that movie.
@jk_rowling is there a booster to the Patronus charm? What we're facing is worse than a swarm of Dementors...
Canada...keeping it real https://t.co/f3miARhSAg
U think @HillaryClinton is just spending today in her hotel doing yoga and getting a massage & is like just get me when I've kicked his ass
@thebookvoyagers wait what book is this? I feel like I'm missing something!
very true. Would love to hear a Canadian FN perspective on this https://t.co/CdVtBoN5wc
Yes! Hometown love in the Oregonian...The Sunday edition #TheRiftUprising #readallaboutit https://t.co/RJACecqbPU
wow see what happened here?We all talkd about terminology& race RESPECTFULLY got downloaded and can now move fowrd… https://t.co/VwZ1uff13w
@justinaireland my FN friends don't like the term native because they feel it implies bias but it's not MY place to say. It's FN prerogative
@justinaireland wouldjust like 2add the the term "native" is alsopretty offensive- as aCanadian we use the term First Nation.out of respect
Omg I tried twice..aardvark the first time and then thought I'd be sneaky and try again...MOLE. #worstpatronusever https://t.co/Ez7gLQxJ0c
So great 2have some sibling time- just missing @allisonjones09 oh @gigihadid also@bellahadid umm& @AnwarHadid uncon… https://t.co/zMJscJyEDt
So great to have some sibling time- just missing @allisonjones09 oh and @gigihadid also… https://t.co/EmQBUXbJuL
@katherinebhowe me too. Same thing. So glamorous this author's life...
I love how they're just like fuck it...if we build it, they will come. It's awwwwesome. Let's hashtag it.… https://t.co/ne4bomiKbT
Proud to be a child of the 80's and super proud to write for Book Riot...spoiler alert I do mention trapper keepers… https://t.co/nU4ymCjFaD
Thank you Kelly for the awesome review! PS you're not the only one who doesn't know how to categorize this book 😐 https://t.co/leiW9azKI6
Well...I could see Chris pine as don draper but I couldn't see Hamm as Captain Kirk.. https://t.co/t7VRF9N9Q9
@SamMaggs sending you ❤️💋🦄and warp core plasma
happy #nanowrimo #writeeveryonewrong #yesiwrotethis https://t.co/q80amKwE7Z
@starlightkara I get where you're going with this BUT I AGREE WITH YOU dammit!
@mikaelafoster THIS is why we can't have nice things. I said you weren't invited! No kids allowed to the twitter feud.
All shall kneel at the altar of Queen Bey on this most sacred of days...#thebeygency #HappyHalloween https://t.co/af5cbejXM8
@lizabeth_kiefer@ashleylynch Iactually didn't know what I was looking at?the guy was so proud2receive such a smutty drawing?Like it was art?
@lizabeth_kiefer @ashleylynch wait...I don't get it. This IS a pornographic and offensive image right? He's not being ironic?
RT @StuckInBooks: The Rift Uprising @AmyFosterHere @HarperVoyagerUS #QA #Giveaway #Tour https://t.co/dHNKkUlfqw @jessbooklover… https://t.co/rcyxH2VqsE
@DanaSchwartzzz you should try watching the live version of the show inPortland. With unicycles, whips and klezmer music
@grantgust isthere just awkward silence b/w takes when ur shooting w.T Felton bcuz u don't want2be the guy that keeps askingbout HarryPotter
So, @jk_rowling you wrote HP when your daughter was napping. I find it difficult to finish a paragraph when it's my day for carpool
@mollitudo that might sound bizarre but I could totally see myself doing that...Pollldarrrrkkkk the hair alone...
congrats! That is no easy thing! https://t.co/PmeG6AOHJi
Is binge watching TV shows a talent? If so I'm REALLY good at it- my Q&A with @noBSbrBlog below https://t.co/Tk3msbu52F
I would settle for the ankles. What I wouldn't give for skinny ankles.. https://t.co/XGytMvgJ6h
@hmbryan this is so incredibly powerful 🙏🏻
It's super disappointing to me that Captn Janeway's time on the Holodeck is spent in a corset as a Governess looking after bratty kids
It's so weird that the days I feel like a super big deal happens to also be the days I have to scrub my toilet.
This review was very Swoony! Thanks ladies! https://t.co/7W6ZUHzuip
RT @AvidReaderBlog: (RT PLS!) Remember how I don't like SciFi? Well The Rift Uprising by @AmyFosterHere is the exception! Read why here: https://t.co/kedqNbVPzN
@JenSMcNeil I did write home but I never recorded it!
I feel like this is blasphemous but I have to admit in my recent #StarTrek binging I enjoyed #Enterprise more than I'm liking #Voyager.
@BenMulroney you are supposed to be my man in the field! #StarTrekDiscovery lost its showrunner...A HEADS UP WOULD HAVE BEEN APPROPRIATE!
Thank you Angel for the incredible review- ps the trick to making the characters so real is to run dialogue by teen… https://t.co/XYirqrVfgn
I will be taking full credit for that..and when I say I, I'm obviously referring to my teenage daughter https://t.co/tW23TByaXV
Thank you Mariah @vibinwithbooks for the totally AMAZING review of #theriftuprising I humbly offer the Batch and Hi… https://t.co/WkUIIZqQ7a
@carlylane Every Star Trek! Noone turns the lights off, sleeps on comfy sheets or fluffy pillows. Maybe they hypospray 2 sleep?
Yayyy please enjoy and be inspired by Run kicking all sorts of ass https://t.co/iJ9qBR653n
Boone=#deadpool and other questions asked and answered on@qwillery https://t.co/wjqj2Op61Z
I have very diverse tastes... https://t.co/Jhhxhiz7u1
@carlylane I mean it's hundreds of years in the future and there is no StarTrek iteration where people sleep comfortably. Hello?Memory foam?
@carlylane let's just face facts- Vic Fontaine is the Jar Jar of #ds9.
It's so weird that Tom Felton turned out to be a good actor, right? Like, he's actually good in The Flash-
Yes!! Thank you for this incredible review! And yes Alejandra book two has A LOT of Levi. 😏 https://t.co/MrToOswNdL
My amazing sister killing it! https://t.co/3m6ZZqCscR
@carlylane tweet me through the tears when you do!
@carlylane #DS9 ep Far Beyond The Stars "That future exists because I wrote it, its real. It's there" So powerful and relevant #cuethetears
DTs thought process-You should have stopped me- it's your fault I don't pay taxes=she's wearing a tight dress it's your fault I grope you.
Omg. RonaldMacdonald Trump is such a smug fuck.
I'm almost 100% sure @realDonaldTrump is high on xanax. #notbenzonaive
Peeps! If you've read the #TheRiftUprising I need a favor. Please go and rate it on Amazon because...science and algorithms. Thank you!
RT @TheRiftTrilogy: .@AmyFosterHere reveals her "favorite bit" of #TheRiftUprising—via Hugo Award-winner @MaryRobinette… https://t.co/g86rdLHapi
@SamMaggs this is the tie that will bind us together... https://t.co/FaDHtGfeIy
@SamMaggs btw your plane called and said it's not taking off ever and now you have to live here probably in my condo
Best headline I've seen in a long time..https://t.co/4k5dxwUIva
I SOUND REALLY SMART IN THIS BTW..My Favorite Bit: Amy S. Foster talks about THE RIFT UPRISING https://t.co/5gW8WTSwFU via @maryrobinette
RT @TheRiftTrilogy: How @AmyFosterHere created #TheRiftUprising: https://t.co/BW4vYQVzuW via @unboundworlds by @shawnspeakman #yabooks… https://t.co/htW4A659hB
RT @mstohl: Seriously one of my top 5 reads of the year. @SamMaggs knocked it out of the park. #WonderWomen https://t.co/IMnvnsnKjf
I don't think @realDonaldTrump will be grabbing any of their pu**ies but Damn, I wish he would try. Here's my artic… https://t.co/MH5309SkJc
Thank you @jeffreysomers for this. You totally get it- makes all the hard work worthwhile https://t.co/qR0FdrKa8h
@carlylane are you and I binging DS9 at the same time? Is that what's happening right now?!! https://t.co/ju3kd7vbG1
RT @JoeSondow: From now on, people who tell me Trump isn't like Dukat will be directed to watch this. Turn your sound on.… https://t.co/WxLMclO591
Sometimes I forget that the grocery store beside my condo isn't actually my kitchen and I wear my pajamas. But that's normal right?
I mean...no one said it was easy being a teenage super soldier... https://t.co/RwuNIzgpGI
Happy belated book birthday to @mstohl 'S Black Widow:Red Vengeance. Secret handshake to follow..
<i>The Rift: Uprising</i> Reveals the Dark Side of Being a YA Heroine https://t.co/tDkeaQ8D7Y I legit clutched my chest bcuz thisis so good
RT @HarperVoyagerUS: "It was my daughter who taught Ryn how to be brave."— #TheRiftUprising's @AmyFosterHere https://t.co/unyih1R87V via @scalzi #DayoftheGirl
RT @PomericoD: Another that might have gotten lost in #NYCC2016 noise last wk: THE RIFT UPRISING, by @AmyFosterHere. It's so good! https://t.co/z2vdc9XRYd
@margotwood thank you for the woot hey! in your haul video for October (not your actual greeting, made it up) I thi… https://t.co/j2UfL27crZ
LOVE this interview...not so in love with the camera angle! https://t.co/0acHeAMnMR
ThankYou Blastr for putting my use of the word vagina in context @mstohl @SamMaggs @HollyN_Jennings @ek_johnston https://t.co/WhuaAuhhNI
Ironically this was a panel full of Canadians who are most definitely not polite when it comes to creating female k… https://t.co/87WP7vj7sC
SAME!!! and it's not just because you're Canadian...but that helps... https://t.co/SX8tEJflWI
Facebook live. Follow Harper Voyager on facebook to watch @ 3pm
I'm doing a facebook live at 3. Deets to follow. #NewYorkComicCon
RT @aditheadipose: "...also a device to, you know, bring snake people into things." @AmyFosterHere with the best reasoning ever. #InnerSpace #TheRiftUprising
RT @aditheadipose: Ok wait, Hollywood, PLEASE option @AmyFosterHere's new book! #TheRiftUprising sounds gloriously insane and I want it. #InnerSpace
@rachmatheson it's #pinktartan soooo amazing right? S/S 17. @kimnewport is a BOSS!
RT @TheSocialCTV: .@AmyFosterHere stops by to dish on her highly anticipated new book, #TheRiftUprising: https://t.co/qsvXYNNwGK https://t.co/FkjdQbYXue
RT @YourMorning: We caught up with @AmyFosterHere to talk about her new book, #TheRiftUprising from @TheRiftTrilogy: https://t.co/FsvO6yn6Yu
@elizabenten wrote such an incredible review of #theriftuprising it makes ME want to read it again !! https://t.co/NoyjejNo3W
@jeffreysomers @BNSciFi clearly you and I are destined to become best friends...
Barnes and Noble put The Rift Uprising on The Best Science Fiction Fantasy Books of October 2016!! https://t.co/GqkBRiIBIn
Such a great review...We talked to Amy S. Foster about her amazing new book, “The Rift Uprising” https://t.co/JvthZJ0xqx via @hellogiggles
RT @PomericoD: Nothing like a little revolution. @TheRiftTrilogy @AmyFosterHere https://t.co/z2vdc9Gh6F https://t.co/YQYVsYZVed
RT @foundrymedia: Hurry! Get your copy of #THERIFTUPRISING by @AmyFosterHere before the bookstores sell out. It hit stores today and… https://t.co/4jNTyK5AJX
RT @teamsneakattack: TODAY: #badass writer + rad human @AmyFosterHere unleashes THE RIFT UPRISING (@TheRiftTrilogy) upon the world! 🙌… https://t.co/J3nOMwwD9U
RT @HarperVoyagerUS: Happy #pubday to @AmyFosterHere's RIFT UPRISING! Maze Runner meets Jason Bourne in this SF thriller!… https://t.co/zcEFoE7Yhq
RT @PomericoD: Now that's what's up! @AmyFosterHere @TheRiftTrilogy https://t.co/z2vdc9Gh6F
RT @IndigoTeen: Having lunch with the fabulous @AmyFosterHere to celebrate the release of her great crossover novel #TheRift.
RT @IndigoTeen: Just finished lunch and now want to dive into #TheRift. Thank you, @AmyFosterHere! https://t.co/IuR4CRl63V
RT @IndigoTeen: "Using rhythm is helpful when you're writing. Sound is a great entry to the world." @AmyFosterHere #TheRift
RT @karatheredhead: Kara the Redhead: Release Blitz: The Rift Uprising by Amy S. Foster @irish_banana @AmyFosterHere https://t.co/NRM51IIg0v
RT @fictionfare: Happy Book Birthday to @amyfosterhere and THE RIFT UPRISING - we can't wait to read it! https://t.co/PN3F86lyFw
RT @PomericoD: Congrats to @AmyFosterHere and THE RIFT UPRISING, out today! https://t.co/z2vdc9Gh6F @HarperVoyagerUS @TheRiftTrilogy #scifi #youngadults
There is a movie where @SirPatStew and Tom Hardy are clones. Just sit with that for a minute.
RT @TheRiftTrilogy: Truth … #TheRiftUprising #bookquotes https://t.co/jWtP6LKJeV
This is such a great review!Thank you @ReadingLark you made me feel like a stone cold genius-then I had to clean th… https://t.co/GJ3Z4xBgiA
RT @foundrymedia: Less than two weeks away until the release of #TheRiftUprising by @AmyFosterHere! Check this out if, like us, you c… https://t.co/Hv2onogJ4x
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I want to be cool with this, but I'm sorry @jkrowling this is testing my resolve.I discovered my Patronus is an Aardvark @pottermore.
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Sadly, I am only just now realizing that if this was the future, I couldn't even get into Starfleet Academy because math. And science.
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There was a time in the not too distant past when people had kids to make their lives EASIER. Just sayin...#farmhands #chores
It's OK. Writers should be strange. #writerslife
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I'm pretty sure that if I only watched the Hallmark channel I would be a MUCH better person. That or a stalker/murderer- either one.
Nerd Alert-Because of the way my particular brain is wired I knew the exact story arc of #StrangerThings by the end of episode 1.
I have so many feelings about the men's single 200 m canoe race in the Olympics but I'm far too much of a lady to articulate them. ⚡️⚡️⚡️🌋🌋
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If I was running ANY race in the Olympics I guaranbloodytee I would not be wearing a gold chain. In fact I'd shave my head and run naked.
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People have been comparing Trump to Lex Luther...guys..Lex Luther is an evil GENIUS
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RT @SamuelAAdams: In fairness, there’s a reasonable chance Trump doesn’t know which one the second amendment is.
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I don't judge you @JaredLeto for your Dark Dealings to gain eternal youth- it's more like hook a b^*#ch up...
#Valentino #@%$* rocks. https://t.co/OyqVYAeseR
Yes. I am plotting against you. (I'm a writer. It's what I do.) #writerslife
Binging #gossipgirl islike dating a boring AF supermodel who takes u to glamorous partiesbut u stick around hoping the next partywill b epic
This is about as rebellious as I get…unless I’m drinking…then I’m crazy AF https://t.co/NqmwtPG7le
Damien Rice is my spirit animal. #lifegoals https://t.co/n9tr1PBHKV
We’re calling you out, #Brooklyn! https://t.co/eDIt22an0T
Is Russia really responsible for the email hack on the DNC? I mean, I love #TheAmericans as much as the next guy, but it feels so retro.
If I was @blakelively I would just look @my hair all day long, in my hand, in the mirror-I would never cut it even if I was a super old lady
It's amazing how often I say "Isn't this your ONE job?"
Just watched the #KingArthur trailer and I'm literally dying. I'm dead. On the floor.
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Iwish I was the type of person who could look chic wearing multiple rings instead of looking like a 13 yr old on a shopping spree atClaire's
“All is fair in love and #songwriting.”—Norah Jones #quoteoftheday
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Who else is getting hyped for all the new #HarryPotter? #fangirl
FaceBook Live From NYCC

I did a Facebook live on the Harper Voyager site. I enjoyed this experience but the lighting is weird and I look like my eyeballs have been burned out and I forgot to spit out my gum...Still it's pretty darn good...

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Blog Tour- Get Free S*#T from Owl Always Be Reading

More stuff to give away PLUS the most incredible review...Thanks Alejandra!

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Give Away- Get Free S*%t!!! From A Leisure Moment

Quite a nice little review PLUS a give away till November 5th- Enter now!

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Blastr-Bringing Female Heroes To Center Stage

I'm so glad someone covered the great Women Warriors panel I did at New York City Comic Con

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The Big Idea:Amy S. Foster

This is a really cool blog post I wrote about the big idea behind my book- specifically about writing for my own daughter and how the multiverse is a metaphor for impending adulthood.

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