when-autumn-leavesWhen Autumn Leaves – Reviews
“This a fantastic debut full of the things I love best in a good fantasy, but I especially appreciated the fully-realized, quirky characters and the big sense of wonder that spills from every page.” – Charles de Lint
When Autumn Leaves is pure enchantment. Lyrical writing, moving story-lines, and the most engaging of characters. I love this book.” -Toni Kelner co-editor of the New York Times bestselling Wolfbane and Mistletoe
“Foster captures Avening in delightful prose, putting the reader right in the center of the quaint Northwestern town. Her lyrical imagery brings to life the town and its people; readers can imagine enjoying tea with Autumn in her homey kitchen at Demeter’s Grove, and can laugh along with the mischievous Justy, whose shoe-making wizardry can turn a seemingly shy and invisible person into a songbird…When Autumn Leaves is a sweet fable of life’s twists and turns which reminds us of the wonders of life and death, friendship and love, disappointment, and failure.” -  Rebeca Schiller
“Amy has written a unique novel which makes the seemingly mundane appear to be mystical. When Autumn Leaves left me wanting more!” – Mary T. Browne, bestselling author of The Five Rules of Thought
“Amy Foster has created a modern day fairytale. Not only is the story charming and filled with magical characters, but it also captures the power and emotion of women’s relationships. Anyone who enjoyed Chocolat or Garden Spells will love When Autumn Leaves.” – Jaye Wells, bestselling author of Red-Headed Stepchild
When Autumn Leaves is a parable for the modern world, where we can believe  in redemption facilitated by magical thinking. Amy S. Foster maps a songline for ideal community using the felicitous phrasing of a lyricist to build bridges between worlds known and unknown. She has an ear for the music of time. We are enthralled by her alchemy as we watch ordinary lives become extraordinary.” —Linda Rogers, Victoria Poet Laureate

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